All are present:

Team selects to take the Silver Hand Mirror

Seth, Sam, Grim, Ainhoa, Jay, Michael, JIM, Earl, Lesley, Peter have 4 each of the 42 health potions

Everyone has one of the 42 anti-lunacy potions

Lily’s pack (7 werewolves total, one super), Earl, Peter, Lesley, Sam, Jay, Michael, JIM, Seth, Franks, are helicopter lifted to a C-130 that has a Humvee and .50 cal turret and flies everyone to Ashland Airport in Oregon.

A platoon of Army National Guard greets the C-130 Their available hardware: two transport trucks with 12 soldiers spread between them , one Humvee has m249 turret, one Humvee with Grenade Launcher, two Humvees without turrets, one Stryker

It will be a two hour drive to crater lake, Wizard Island. 30 minutes outside of airport a transport vehicle breaks down, and cannot be fixed. Two soldiers are left with the broken transport vehicle to attempt repair or wait for recovery.

The rest of the soldiers in that transport board the other vehicles. Lily’s pack is in the working transport vehicle. Sam is manning the grenade launcher in one Humvee. Seth is manning the m249 turret, Jay is driving in one Humvee. Jim is manning the 50 cal in one Humvee

One hours into the drive

Surprise Round

The last vehicle flips over and tumbles several times. “Cloaked” flying Gargoyle(s) are attacking. No one is able to see the Gargoyles

Round 1

Sam is bit by one of the Gargoyles for three lethal. The strike gunner sees Gargoyle1 attacking Sam. Gargoyle2 attacks driver of first Humvee for 1 lethal. Sam drops inside the Humvee and draws his axe. The National Guard Lieutenant shoots at Gargoyle1 with the 50 cal – does 4 lethal. The National Guard Soldier in the first HUMV misses Gargoyle2. Jim attacks Gargoyle1 for 1 lethal. Jay rolls 4 successes but doesn’t sense any demons. Peter attacks Gargoyle2 on the first Humvee for 2 lethal. Seth sees Gargoyle1 attacking Humvee 3, and hits for 2 lethal.

Round 2

Gargoyle1 flies off the Humvee 3. Earl attacks Gargoyle2 for 1 lethal. Gargoyle2 attacks driver of Humvee 1 for 2 lethal. Sam gets back up and looks for Gargoyle1 but fails. NG Lt attacks Gargoyle1 7 lethal and kills it. NGS in first Humvee hits Gargoyle2 for 3 lethal. Jim attacks Gargoyle2 for 7 lethal and kills it.

End of Combat

Driver of Humvee1 keeps control. Earl and Peter take the front seats and drive the front Humvee. Ainhoa tries to see if CWV is lying, but doesn’t think he is

NG and team approach Crater Lake from the South. It’s about 3 hours until night. The team decides to continue on no despite the hour. The team loads up the two boats as much as possible, leaving 7 NGS behind for a second trip. Two boats approach Wizard Island. Bodies litter the beach of Wizard Island. 2 hours of sunlight left.

Mean while in inside, Ainhoa is dragged out, but can’t see very well

While outside, The island vibrates and a dark shadow spreads across the entire crater. A bubble fills the entire area above the crater blocking out the Sun, bubble seems to be white. It seems to be twilight now. The third boat arrives with the rest of the NGS and Franks

Lily’s pack tries to find Ainhoa; they smell a lot of things: Vampires, Whites, Super-Wolves, but not Ainhoa. Ginger is able to smell Ainhoa, but not able to follow where her scent is going/has been.

Jim is helped by everyone and gets 10 successes that the bodies have been fed upon by werewolves and vampires. The team space out ten yards apart and start walking toward the top of the volcano.
Franks sees an area of more bodies and footprints down the western side of the volcano. We make our way toward the high body count area. We hear noises when within 20 yards of a cave entrance.

Round 1

Lesley shoots @ White6 for 3 bullet damage. Seth shoots the head off of White7. Earl shoots White1. Jim fires a HE grenade at Whites, knocks down 1,3,4,6,8,10 doing 4 damage, kills 1 and 6.
Grimm sees a vampire climb out of one of the bodies. Jay draws out the Silver Hand Mirror. Grimm tries to grapple vampire1, but fails. Ginger bites vampire1. Sam advances down the hill. Franks attacks White8 for 4 damage.

NGS with the m249 attacks White4 for 3 damage. NGS attacks White3 for 5 damage, killing it, White5 for 3 damage, White5 for 4 damage, White2 for 3 damage, White2 for 4 damage, killing it, White4 for 1 damage, White5 for 3 damage.

Michael shotguns vampire1 for 0 damage. Peter snipers White5 for 4 damage killing it. Vampire1 gets attacked by 5 werewolves, wishes for death.

Round 2

Lesley attacks White4 killing it. Jay moves towards vampire1. Seth attacks White10 doing 5 damage killing it. Earl double moves. White9 advances. Grimm does 4 damage to vampire1 with bite, killing it. Vampire2 climbs out of corpse and attacks Lesley for 5 aggravated damage and is drained for 4 lethal, she drops. Sam charges White9 and does 7 damage killing it with battle axe. Ginger attacks vampire2 for 1 aggravated damage. Vampire3 pops out of another corpse and attacks Lily. Franks double moves toward the cave

NGS attacks Vampire3 for 2 damage, 3 damage, 5 damage, 5 damage, 2 damage. NGS attacks Vampire2 for 2 lethal. Vampire4 pops up and attacks Franks for 3 bite damage. Michael attacks vampire2 for 1 lethal. Peter attacks vampire3 for 4 damage. Pack kills vampire3

Round 3

Jay charges and attacks vampire2 buts whiffs. Vampire5, with metal helmet and severed head pops up and grapples Michael. Seth attacks vampire5 with long swords for 8 damage. 8 more Whites appear. Earl attacks vampire4 for 0 damage. Jim fires White Phosphorus grenade at group of Whites doing 4 fire damage on Whites 1-6. Grimm attacks Vampire5 for 4 lethal. Vampire2 attacks Ginger for 7 lethal plus for 4 drain, vampire2 is healing itself. Sam attacks vampire4 for 4 lethal, killing it. Ginger attacks vampire2. Franks attacks White8 for 4 damage.

NGS attack White8 for 1 damage, then 5 damage killing it. NGS attack White7 for 3 damage, then 7 damage. NGS attack vampire2 for 3 lethal, killing it.

Vampire6 pops up and does 3 lethal to a werewolf. Michael realizes he has no hope of breaking out of the grapple. Peter attacks vampire6 doing 3 damage. Pack kills vampire6.

Round 4

Jay attacks vampire5 with cane for 3 aggravated. Vampire6 Corpse Doors away from fight with Michael. Whites1-6 dies from the White Phosphorus fire damage.

End of Combat

First medic to Lesley has one chance to stabilize her.


Seth’s End of World Weapons Wish List
S&W Model 29 Revolver, +3L (9 Again), 35/70/140, 6 rounds
AR-10 Assault Rifle, +46 (9 Again), 200/400/800, 20 rounds
Flamethrower Milspec, 2 Auto +2, 10/20/40, 5 shots?, each round on fire take damage equal to successes from attack roll


Full Riot Gear, 3/4, Strength 2, Defense -2, Speed -1, bulletproof nature of the armor downgrades lethal attacks to bashing

Nimkeas Nimkeas

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