Casebook of Pierre Sazuki : Battle of the Prison

Casebook of Pierre Sazuki : Battle of the Prison.

Jay and Mikie grab gear from the armory and head into the tunnels. The tunnels are filled with critters. Mike and Jay run out of the tunnels.

Outside is big-time combat. Mike starts yelling for help…and throwing grenades in the tunnel.

KG comes up with Melvin, who is also shooting undead. Other Network Zero guys shooting undead. Outside a giant battering the building.


Pierre and Babette the Wolf are on the trail of Dawn the Traitor. In the back of his head Diogenes yells at Pierre that they need some of Dawn’s cloths for Babette to sniff. They then start following the scent. They head outside and find an Army of Darkness. Pierre makes copious use of White Phosphorous grenades to clear a path. As they get across the compound they find an unconscious body…Mike. “Grab him, Babette.” Babette shoulders mike and keeps running. They see some mooks about to enter a barracks…the rest of the party (minus Jay). “What’s up? How’s the wound Keith?” Pierre says cheerfully.

The united gang heads into the barracks and are confronted by a commando guy. Keith kills him. Someone yells “Contact!”

Seth heads down the hall, pulling a grenade and racing down the hall like an idiot. Naturally, the next idiot in line, Pierre, races after while him shouting for Babette to “sniff out the traitor.” Keith shoots past Pierre’s ear, in a feeble effort to cause him concern…Pierre doesn’t notice in the middle of his mad charge (and general madness).

Some chick talks smack from the door…Pierre knows it isn’t Dawn the Traitor, so does not care. Seth seems to know the lady and gifts her with a grenade. Boom. Pierre shoots into the door and kills…someone. Keith shoots into the door. Someone shoots out. Two guys coming out shooting. Both Pierre and Seth take a hit. Ainoha wades in and drills one of the two (Hey! She can shoot!).

Babette senses Dawn in the women’s room. Pieree follows. Babette sets Mike down and he begins to wake. Aihoha follows Babette and Pierre into the womens room.
Outside the Lady’s room, Keith shoots a guy in the back, but does not kill he turns around and shoots Kieth. Seth killed one of the guys. A big furball charges and fucks up Seth. His arm is really jacked.

Pierre ppeks out of the ladies room and yells for Babette to help Seth. She does. Pierre turns and goes to dig through the digs through the garbage – it is all bloody clothes that Dawn the Traitor once had. As he is digging through, he notices a shadow hanging in a nearby bathroom stall…

Keith fled like a biznatch, hiting a big chunk of nothing. Ainoha pulls down on the Evil Girl Wolf. Wings her. Mike jumps up from unconsciousness and starts shooting. Yeah. Great.
Last commando baddie shoots Kieth again. For fun, Seth pulls two swords and attacks with his good arm. Does some damage. Evil wolf girl tries to disappear – but chere’ Babette is not fooled. She snakes in and takes a chunk of fur off of her face with a bite (no claw/claw though).

Pierre kicks the door to the stall in. Smashed into the toilet is G-Nome, “Shit!” Pierre pulls him out and gives the shrimp first aide. Somehow Pierre is able to stabilize the little guy (by bitch-slapping him).

Keith finally stops farting around and shoots the commando. Aihoha shoots the commando. Mike shoots the commando. Yep. Pretty sure he is dead.

Franks comes in and says Bad doggie! Sit! And shoots the Evil Wolf Girl. Nothing can stop a GMPC!

Archer comes in and yells, get the table against the door! Mike helps him and succeeds as a big bear smashes in the door. But the table holds.

The “Chosen One” kills Pierre’s Gnome. And thinks that a fairy did it. Pierre doesn’t believe it and is pissed at Mike for “killing his gnome”! Begin GM note: Michael successfully reads G’Nomes mind. He see a flash back of Gnome watching Dawn taking a shower after. He see a pile of bloody clothes lying on floor in front of the showers. Thinks that’s really strange and with that much blood loss any human should be dead. He gets distracted when Dawn comes out of the shower. He gets really excited watching her walk naked into the changing room. He holds very still as to not draw any attention and keep his invisibility up. Suddenly he realizes that Dawn is sniffing in the air and thinks that is very strange for a human to be doing that since they have terrible noses. Dawn turns and looks right at G’Nome… Impossible thimks G’Nome … HE hers Dawn mutter “Dumter” which is old name for Gnome… G’Nome screams immediately Doppelganger… when he suddenly over taken by Dawn… and Micheals connection with G’Nome breaks just before he dies in Michael’s arms End GM Note

The bear attacks. Pierre finally realizes that there really IS a bear, up until know, he’d thought the others were just farting around. He throws a canister of white phosphorous. Bear catches fire. Concentrated fire, the Bear breaks into the barracks. Archer brings the pain. Pierre wings it. Ainoha machete attack!

Mike tries to use a memory recall thing to activate the ward.

Holy shit! He’s able to get the Ward to activate, all the undead drop like rocks.

Pierre rethinks killing Mike.

Shadow Lord is there and pissed, Earl, Franks, Ainoha, and Seth jumped into the Shadow Bubble. Begin GM note: Conversation can be over heard between Shadow Lord and Franks. You can hear mention of Franks being the bureaucrats Monster. He mentions to Franks about him having Dipple’s formula. He must get that recipe from Franks. End GM Note Keith gets flamethrower. Earl gets tentacle things shoved down his throat.

Keith hits it with the flamethrower. Shadow guy screams and pushes fire back at Keith. Keith starts getting burned, has to turn off the flamethrower.

Seth tried to take over and the shadow bubble repells it.

Pierre throws a flash bang grenade. To know effect…

Suddenly Robert Drops and incredible mix of Aluminum and/or Magnesium… biggest flash bang anyone has ever seen… then suddenly nobody in the group can see… A scream can be heard coming from the Shadow Lord then he mumbles It’s not over… Michael’s fate has already been sealed. A pop sound can be heard really close by then it’s quiet.

Game pauses..


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