I hear whispers

Franks informs the team that the shadow is the leader of the Glorified Church of the Mortal Vessels. They call themselves to MoV. The leader appears on TFV’s radar 2 years ago, but the church has been on their radar for 10 years. The church works via cells. <garbed> “all killed or zombified” (I think regarding the people at the hotel in Mexico) <end> When asked why these people were after Michael, Franks explained that “as a back-up” to the assault on Wizard’s Island, TFV sent a nuke through the portal and the nuke went off.
“Intelligence says we woke something up and they think Michael did it.” Because of this, TFV is putting a protective detail on Michael and “putting [their] best men on it.” Franks is part of the detail and is in charge of it. Other members are Archer, Hurtzog (female) and Torrez. Torrez is all excited (definitely a groupy) but he found the team’s missing gear, so it’s not all bad. During the flight home, the sketch artist works from Michael’s descriptions.
Sam recognizes one sketch as his wife, but doesn’t tell anyone. Sam’s wife is the one who had the shard and did the talking. The other vampire is “Mother,” the vampire Dino was running from (TFV recognizes her). Seth recommends Michael get a tracking unit implanted.
Grimm is still alive and his/Ainhoa’s child is being watched by the pack. It’s currently just over a year since the nuke went off (thanks TFV!). Major east coast cities have populations about 1⁄4 of what they had before everything happened. Manhattan only lost about half of its population, though. West of the Mississippi is pretty much unaffected by all of this. Philly airport is under martial law and police control. Philly has become a center for hunters. TFV and NZ have moved into eastern state penn. We have a range and armory here and need to think about handling larger masses of monsters.
<gm> Steve notes we need to spend XP on taking a dot of firearms and on acquiring assault rifles specialization to account for the training we’ve been undergoing in the wake of this brave new world.
Ainhoa overhears an argument between Earl and Wolf about killing Grimm. Longer-term team members except Ainhoa (with Grimm) go to a meeting where Myers (TFV) argues with Earl about not trusting Earl’s folks. This is due to there being a mole who is tracking Michael’s movements. A bunch of information on Mother and The MoV is given to the team. TFV has one agent into The MoV, but he’s low on the totem pole and hasn’t learned anything. The last agent they got in was killed. There’s a photo of a message that was sent over a year ago (but just now received by TFV) of the dead agent with a message “Please welcome the release of the elders of old who will kill Michael Sorenson.” The dead agent was in Atlanta.
Seth sifts through the data and Ainhoa joins the team. Investigating the papers, Seth notices an e-mail noting they may need to bring in Force and Violence. Earl thinks these may be Krotos and Bea, the former a 10’ tall purple dude and the latter an 8’ tall woman. “If you see them, run the other way.” They’re monsters that are known to hunt other monsters. It’s unknown why they do so. Reports on them go back a couple of thousand years.
TFV wants werewolf nation to kill Grimm and sends a unit in to do so. Keith tries to convince them not to with Ainhoa and her daughter’s help. TFV backs down, but Franks draws his gun and aims it at Grimm. Time slows down and Gabriel appears (for the second time, poor Franks).
Gabriel whispers in everyone’s ears (including Grimm), “You are the Chosen One’s protector” and leaves. Franks lowers his gun and Grimm is human again (though now even larger, even in human form).
Sam receives a call that “they’re in the basement of the building and surrounded” from Will Taggart. Sam has the call traced back to the Kevech building. Not wishing to go back there, Sam reports it to TFV (claiming he doesn’t know who the call was from). TFV assigns it to NZ, who gives it to us. The group is issued anti-lunacy potions and sets out with Grimm and the TFV protection detail.
Sam refuses to come inside, but looks for a way to blow a hole into the basement. Entering the building, the team hears cries for help from the basement. Taggart is found pulling himself along the floor near the laundry room. Seth and Ainhoa stabilize him and they use a healing potion.
Taggart rambles on about torment, shovels and nightmares. A big black dog with a shovel-looking head is involved, as well as 2 big crows picking at him. The ravens mumble that he’s food for demons and how they were sent here to break down the barrier.
Seth asks if the building is sound and hears the hum of the generator. Taggart answers that it is. 2 ravens come out of the darkness. The ravens and dog thing are killed. Ainhoa takes photos of the dog thing. Pierre looks around and hears noises from the janitor’s closet. He shoots the lock off. Star comes out of the closet and starts complaining about the same things Taggart did.
Taggart and Star haven’t aged any since Seth last saw them. They’re now the guardians of the building. Seth asks Earl to send support.
The group goes to the first floor and finds 5 corpses. Three died peacefully (one with a syringe) and two not-so-peacefully. A 13 year old died from a gunshot wound between the shoulders and another guy has 2 syringes in his neck. Pierre checks out the crime scene and tracks blood to one of the rooms. Ainhoa goes to pick the lock and hears breathing in the room. A gunshot comes from the other side, hitting the door. It’s a lady with the shakes and a shotgun. She complains about dreams, as Star did. Will calms her down and they send her out to Sam.
On the second floor, they pass by the cold room and see “I hear whispers” written on the wall in blood. The control room is decorated as it was years ago and there is no dust. Pictures of Sam and his wife are in the room. Michael recognizes her as the one vampire and points it out. Will notes that he was last in here 2 years ago – it was dusty and there were no pictures of Sam.


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