Me Melvin, New Member of the Clan! I make you Gold!

- We leave the apartment building, Will and remain as stewards of the portal

- Apparently Grimm had a super dose of the super juice, what that means is unclear for now
- Dawn, a new recruit, interrupts DB’s lunch to ask him questions about Michael
- Michael’s stalker group continues to grow
- DB is told by Dawn that Bob, the teacher, told her about Michael and the “amazing” things he’s done
- DB gets Jay and they track down Errol
- Errol says Bob shouldn’t be telling the recruits details about us, just the monsters we’ve fought
- DB wants to kick Bob in the nuts
- DB and Jay confront Bob, he covers his crotch and denies telling his students any of our personal information
- Robert tracks the team down for a “quick” job
- A landlord has requested aid in removing a troll, literal troll, from one of his properties
- DB, Morgan, Ainhoa, Jay, and Keith are sent to the landlord’s address in Chester
- Group arms up for the kill mission
- Jay gets the property address after meeting and talking to the landlord
- DB forgets about a grenade trap he’d set in Keith’s car
- It goes off in the crowd of gangers that had started to gather around the vehicles
- Driving away quickly to get away from the gangers they just bombed, the stop two blocks down the street at the row home in question
- They see lots of trash outside the row home, mostly pizza boxes and energy drinks
- The group decide to go in the rear entrance and clear the house going up
- Ainhoa picks the lock on the basement door
- The basement is seemingly full of trash bags full of shit, it reeks horribly
- The other basement is in the same condition
- Team decides the front door is a better option
- Ainhoa hears a TV with the volume cranked in the one house
- Ainhoa notices that a security camera on the front porch has been watching them
- DB shoots the camera
- DB goes in first to the house on the right
- Nothing of interest on the first floor
- Jay and Ainhoa cover the front door
- DB and Keith clear the second floor, but find nothing
- On the third floor DB and Keith see an open single room with a hole in the firewall that would have separated the two homes
- Keith and DB go through the hole into the other home while Ainhoa and Jay go in the front door of the left row home
- Ainhoa and Jay see a lot of computer equipment, Keith and DB see a server rack in the third floor
- Ainhoa and Jay hear movement on the second, relay this information to DB and Keith
- The two teams meet on the second floor
- Jay tries talking to the troll, Melvin
- Ainhoa, acting more motherly than even around her own daughter, suggests they talk to Melvin instead of killing him
- Melvin says all the other trolls left to go serve The Elders, he’s the only one left
- Keith and DB go downstairs and Ainhoa cloaks so that Melvin will feel safe enough to let Jay in with a beta copy of the next WoW update
- Door unlocks to reveal an eight foot tall green troll
- Jay, lacking any WoW update, starts to lose Melvin’s focus
- Thinking quickly Ainhoa slips into the room and unplugs Melvin’s computer
- Melvin freaks, but gets it plugged back in
- Jay takes advantage of a distracted Melvin and knocks him out
- The group binds Melvin and take him downstairs while grabbing stacks of paper
- DB opens the front door, and is greeted by 15 gangers with guns
- The leader tries talking to DB, threatens DB with a grenade
- DB slams the door shut and runs for the back of the house, Keith follows
- Gang rushes into the home, ignorant of the eight foot troll unconscious next to the door
- Keith and DB dive out the rear window
- Ainhoa and Jay run downstairs claiming to be renters held hostage by Keith and DB, the gangers buy it and let them pass
- Everyone starts to running for the cars
- DB hits three gangers on the porch with a grenade
- Ainhoa, again being motherly, runs to get Melvin
- Keith gives her a hand while DB covers them both
- They get the troll into the SUV with minimal damage taken
- They don’t stop until reaching the prison
- Seth gets a firm date on visiting his parents
- He calls them to let them know, but someone else answers the phone
“Who’s this?”
“Well hello, Mr. McKale,” That’s some really good timing there. Your parents have a nice little home here in the country. You really should visit more.”

“I’m no one important.” “I am but a mere acolyte of the shadows, but I bear a message from the High Priest of the Great Demon Elders himself. We have your parents. He is willing to offer a trade: Your family for Michaels.”

Suddenly there was a shout… then suddenly an impact thud.. followed by a crash… and a women cried in fear. You knew it was your Mother. “If you don’t do exactly as we say, we’ll feed them to Mother. She likes soft squishy things to play with.”

“You will do exactly as I say, Mr McKale, for we are the spear of the Elders righteous fury. We – Hey, watch the old guy!” You heard glass shatter, there was some crashing, then something that could only be a gunshot, and the phone went dead.

After a few minutes.. Phone rang again…”Son? Yeah some Assholes kicked the door in, started tying us up. Talking all kinds of craziness. Fucking amateurs.”

.. “Cultitst? These punks? Well, I got three of them. The last one’s crawling down the driveway, but he isn’t going very fast with all those holes in him, so I’ll mop him up in a second. What the hell is going on?”
Franks asked for Cult survivors…

“Well they best hurry up then. I’ll go toss him a towel and tell him to put some direct pressure on it and quit his crying. Now, you listen to me boy. They were talking about you and your friend Michael, that this has something to do with him. What kind of bullshit are you mixed up in? Is this some sort of mafia EMT thing?”

“Damn forgot, they said something about someone else’s children. They said they are going to be sending ‘violence and evil’ or something like that after them.”

Yeah then I went for my kitchen gun. I shot the son of a bitch that said it in the face, so I was a touch distracted. You’ve got to tell the authorities about those kids. Call 911.


Force and Violence are being sent after Jay’s kids
- Seth gets in the helicopter to get his parents
- Michael is sleeping but hears a whispered, “We need to talk.”
- It’s 3am
- “We need to talk. Meet me at the side gate.”
- Michael gets dressed, recognizes the voice belongs to Sarah
- “Come alone.”
- He makes his way to the side gate
- “I’m trying to help you.”
- Robert runs into Michael and asks why he hears Sarah in his head
- Robert leads Michael to a lower cell that has a hidden entrance to a secret passage
- Robert is worried that Sarah knows about the ward placed on the prison to protect it and them
- They emerge from the passage outside the wall
- Sarah asks if Michael has been able to read other’s memories
- The wizard has been behind everything. Her death. Lord Mashadow. Everything leading to this point.
- Spot lights switch on, alarms blare, Sarah calls Michael a fool and flees
- “Galen”
- Michael doesn’t tell Robert about the name he just heard from Sarah
- Jay calls Robert and says he’s bringing the troll back to the prison to do some IT work
- Robert washes his hands of the issue
- Thanks to Ainhoa declaring the eight foot troll shaped blanket as classified, no one stops them sneaking Melvin into LSCS network room
- Jay fast talks the newly awake Melvin into trying to work for them
- Melvin initially tries to flee but the team is able to stop him and talk him into staying and working for LSCS
- Keith and DB go back to the row home to get Melvin’s computers, but the house has been picked clean
- They are attacked by a vampire as they leave
- They kill it, DB takes off its head, but Keith’s leg is in bad shape
- Michael brain dumps to the team about his night
- Ainhoa recalls Galen as a former member of the LSCS team
- Jay meets with his kids, asks Ginger to protect them at the wolf village but she declines
- Jay houses his kids in the prison instead
- Melvin researches Galen’s current where about
- Galen is a patient at a mental hospital run by two former hunters
- Galen is unable to speak
- Everyone but the injured Keith and DB go to the hospital down in some state
- Doctors won’t let us into hospital armed as we are, they agree to bring Galen out to us
- Galen is very old and frail looking, can’t or won’t speak
—ST Notes start Here

Michael bends down and reads Galen’s mind… here is what happened…

The world was vast.. now world just a void… space of just nothing.. no beginning no end.. no light to dark no color..

Galen… “Who are you?” Think Latino accent…

“What are you doing here?”

I don’t remember where here is”

Then first voice left… hideous voice returned… “THIS IS MY SHELL FIND YOU OWN.”

Scene of a team looking like they were welcoming a new team member. Strangely familiar office… Robert in the background smiling… It was a 3 dimensional slice of time… There was one hunter that everyone was greeting… looked nothing like the shadowed man…

Feeder was the black worm..

All memories are gone… feeder destroyed all good memories… then regular memories… he’s to strong I cannot fight him… he’s too strong…

I don’t remember any of my life I know what things ar ebut not what they mean… I know what food is but I don’t know how they taste.. you know what I mean…

He let me keep the bad memories to remember my failures… I remember the mistakes leading up to the end of my life…

I’ll show the the scraps I have left that Feeder left to toy with me… In exchange I want to things… I won’t help until you swear ot help me…

Kill Me! And then Second… Avenge Me!

Memory 1,

I saw the welcoming of a new hunter… the scene was exciting… My friend Robert sent him to us after he was assigned to another group. He wasn’t quite a good fit with them after he had some weird things happen to him while in Alaska. I don’t know Robert anymore, but I know he was my friend… I Hate him for introducing me to this Monster… the new hunter said hello Galen and Carlos shook his hand… Hello I’m Carlos… then it changed to a zombie attack… Carlos was about to get his throat torn out when the zombie froze long enough for Carlos to adjust and shoot the zombie in the head… form the side Galen could
be seen with out stretched hand mumbling something towards the Zombie… Carlos should have know but failed to notice the first sign…

Memory 2,

More scenes flashed by then several months later the Galen could be seen drinking beers and smoking a cigarette talking with Carlos… He trying to talk with Carlos about the Elders power… they should study it and use there powers for good. Help fight evil… Carlos argues saying anything that comes from the Elders would be tainted and would bring consequences…

Memory 3,

Next scene is one where the Galen is mumbling in a trance over a massive leather bound book, with ancient writing in inked in blood. Carlos argues with Galen telling him he should be dabbling with things like this… Carlos realizes that he been responsible for the Zombie out breaks… He decides to take him to see Robert… While in Okefenokee Swamp a scene unfolded were an encounter with a bunch of undead … The whole group was killed and the whole group and the NZ/LSCS finds Carlos (but memory was of Galen’s body) wondering in the woods with his mind gone… the rest of the team was lost. Assumed killed.

—ST Notes End Here

- Carlos wants us to kill him and avenge him
- Galen convulses and dies
- A black worm crawls out of his ear
- Michael crushes it with his foot
- Michael brain dumps once we are free of the doctors

- End of Notes


Nimkeas Nimkeas

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