Around 5'4", late 20's, dark hair and eyes, olive complexion, somewhat Mediterranean if you had to guess. Athletic body covered in scars, but otherwise would be considered attractive by most.

Intelligence:·· Strength:··· Presence:··
Wits:··· Dexterity:····Manipulation:···
Resolve:·· Stamina:··· Composure:··
Investigation·· Athletics·· Persuasion·
Occult··(Werewolves) Brawl· Streetwise···
  Larceny···(Slight of Hand) Subterfuge···(Spot Lies; Lying)
  Stealth···(Move in Dark)  
Allies (Pack)··
Direction Sense·
Fast Reflexes···
Fighting Finesse (Khukri)··
Fighting Style 2 Weapons···
Quick Draw (melee)·
Kin (Unseen Sense)···
Fighting Style: Knife···
  • Cripple Claws
  • Health 8
  • Willpower····
  • Morality·····
  • Size 5
  • Speed 12
  • Initiative Mod 11
  • Defense 3
  • Armor 2 (3)

Khukris x 2 – Dice Mod = 10, 9 again on targeted attacks
Springloaded Knives x 2 – Dice Mod = 8
Machete (when applicable) – Dice Mod = 9/11 (cutting through flesh/vegetation matter). >= 3 successes on targeted attacks sever limbs and target bleeds one lethal per minute.

Thief Tools, Spy Kit, Athletic Shoes, Grimm’s bracelet (which she’s added her “Forgettable” ribbon to).

Grimm’s Bracelet:

  • +1 to Tracking Rolls upon activate. Her sense of smell literally is enhanced by a fox spirit, giving her the fox’s sense of smell.
  • Dark vision upon activate. Her eyes are literally enhanced by a cat spirit, giving her feline like eyesight.
  • Potential to alert Grimm to her location upon breaking the clasp (bone). Literally sends a trapped rabbit spirit from her to him so he can (potentially choose to) follow the trail back to her. This is not something she would ever use unless her life truly depended on it.

Detailed Description:
Around 5’4", late 20’s, this woman has a lighter olive complexion and near-black hair that’s often tied back or braided. Her eyes are a dark brown and when you talk to her she meets your gaze. Whatever skin she’s showing bears many crescent shaped scars, from wrist to neck and leading under her clothing. There are enough to give any person pause. She seems tough, athletic, and not unattractive if you can get past the scars, or even like that kind of thing. Regardless of her outfit, she’s always wearing a bracelet around her wrist. Thin strips of leather that have been woven around several sets of canine teeth, presumably from some small animals. The bracelet is latched with a small bone and it looks as if a pale blue ribbon was wrapped around the bracelet as an afterthought. It’s an odd thing.

What other played characters know of her backstory:
If you haven’t figured it out by now, Ainhoa comes from a somewhat criminal background, though she doesn’t talk about it openly. But as quick as she picks locks and scales buildings and disappears from notice, you could likely hazard a guess what kind of job she had before joining LSCS.

Her introduction to the supernatural came in the form of a vampire attack. Those of you who have bunked with her at the safe house know from the nightmares she would have that it has something to do with a vampire named Crow. The way her body, and it’s her entire body, is covered in scars, you can guess it was a very bad deal. Likely, she shouldn’t be alive at all with what it looks like she went through.

Relation to Werewolves:
While out of character, most everyone knows the deal, the played characters know that Ainhoa is closely involved with the pack led by Lily who of course appears often to be seconded by Grimm. Those who have known Ainhoa the longest may realize she’s been involved with the werewolves since before they met her (as she knew the werewolves found in the warehouse in the first story), but she didn’t become very open about her relationship with them until Network Zero, the Werewolf Nation, and of course the local packs began working together to crack down on the kennels in the area in the past year.

What she’s tried to explain is that she and Grimm are mates, married essentially as far as the pack is concerned, though in reality it’s something much more permanent than traditional human marriage. While she’s always been close with Lily’s pack, she officially became a member of the pack after joining with Grimm, even though not a werewolf herself. She’s fiercely protective of her pack family, the only family she’s ever mentioned having at all. Unless work requires her to stay away for any period of time, she lives with Grimm and spends most of her down time with him. Whenever the hunter group is working with the werewolves, and they’re not in combat, Ainhoa can be found standing by Grimm, who likely has a hand on her shoulder or an arm around her protectively. And he is fiercely protective of her. Obviously if strategy dictates otherwise they comply, but most often during combat they remain close by each others side, though who is often protecting who sometimes seems unclear…

Facts no played character has ever questioned aloud but you may notice about her in play:

  • She appears unaffected by lunacy. She has never taken a potion to prevent it whereas you must.
  • She can tell whether or not someone is a werewolf even in human form. Can sense their presence.
  • She can communicate with werewolves in their hybrid forms. I see her predominantly speaking to them in English in all situations, but she understands their wolf-speak they use in other forms.
  • She’s lost the need to use night-vision goggles around the time she married Grimm. You may notice her fiddle with her bracelet at times when it’s dark.

Hated Enemies
She has no regard for vampires, will kill them on sight unless specifically ordered not to, has no sympathy for them, and allows no excuses for their behavior. Believes those that claim to sympathize or even love humanity are merely putting up a front. Or even if they are sincere, they will always try to kill when left in a desperate situation.


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