John Curtis

Slightly doughy guy in his mid to late 20’s.


“So, is this, like, what you guys do? You chase after weird shit? Can you make any money doing that, or what?”

“Hey guys what are you doing? Shit… can you really make any money doing what you are doing? Where’s the guy go you where chasing”


John is a slightly doughy guy in his mid to late 20’s. He wears his hair long despite his hairline’s inevitable march backwards (due to male pattern baldness). John won’t be caught dead outside without a black T-shirt proclaiming his allegiance to some guitar-driven band or another.

John is a local boy who went to school in the area, got hooked into A/V club in middle school and discovered a life-long love affair for film. He sees the lens as creating microcosms, cutting out all the background noise and focusing on a single moment, action or truth. Unfortunately, no one pays for single moments of truth, at least not as much as they do for droning 30 second segments of lies and mediocrity.

John Curtis

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