Keith Wizner

Amateur racecar driver


Intelligence 2 Strength 3 Presence 2
Wits 4 Dexterity 4 Manipulation 3
Resolve 3 Stamina 3 Composure 3

Mental Physical Social
(-3 unskilled) (-1 unskilled) (-1 unskilled)
Academics 0 Athletics 1 Animal Ken 0
Computer 0 Brawl 1 Empathy 0
Crafts 4(Cars, jury rigging) Drive 4(Pursuit) Expression 0
Investigation 0 Firearms 3 Intimidation 0
Medicine 0 Larceny 0 Persuasion 2
Occult 2 Stealth 0 Socialize 2
Politics 0 Survival 2 Streetwise 0
Science 1 Weaponry 4 Subterfuge 0

Other Traits
Fast reflexes 1
Resources 2
Spetsnaz knife fighting 4
Fighting finesse (Bowie) 2

Size 5 Health 8/8
Speed 11 Willpower 6/6
Defense 4
Initiative Mod 7 (+2)

Bowie knife
7.62 mm AR

’69 Hemi Cuda Fastback
Survival kit, superior
high grade tool set
auto tools


Keith is an amateur racecar driver on the Tristate Dirt Modified Circuit. That’s what he does on the weekends. Well, most weekends. The other weekends he spends in the woods trying to find tasty animals to dine upon. During the day he works as a mechanic for a local used car dealer. Between the job at the dealer and dealing with his own cars, he can fix up just about anything with 4 wheels and a big engine. His pride and joy is the ’69 Hemi Cuda fastback that he pulled out of a junkyard a few years ago and slowly restored. Running with a racing crowd, you run into all sorts, but most are the rough and tumble type. Not everyone deals with their problems out on the track, sometimes someone will spoil for a fight and that’s when ole Keith pulls out his bowie knife and has to shed some blood.

If you’re not a pro, racing ain’t cheap. Keith has to go out and schmooze and rub elbows with local business owners to get sponsorship money. Needless to say, he’s good at getting other people to pay for his tires and gas. Being an amateur driver, you have to be quick on the ball. Most times you only get a few laps to get to the front, unlike them damn nascar types. Keith’s got a good talent with throwing a car through a corner to get around or under another driver.

Running the local circuit and being out in the woods, Keith has seen a lot the Tristate area. He’s fairly familiar with what does and does not roam the back roads and byways of PA, NY, and NJ. But one night, he sure as shit met something that just didn’t belong. Coming home from a late race up in NY, Keith was hauling ass down a back road with the racecar in tow. Outta nowhere something big and brown runs out in front of the truck. He barely has time to hits the breaks when he smashes into this thing. Him, the truck and trailer go flying off the road and into the ditch. Keith head butts the steering wheel and is knock loopy. When he regains his senses he gets out of the truck to see what happened. There’s no sign of whatever he hit, but there are two very large and very pointed paw prints on the hood of the truck. He knows damn well that those don’t belong to a bear, but they look a damn lot like some of the weird prints he’s been seeing in the woods. He heads into the big city to start looking into local folktales and other stories of the weird of the area.

Keith Wizner

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