Michael Sorenson

Surfing biologist with anger management issues



Intelligence:3 Strength:3 Presence:1
Wits:2 Dexterity:3 Manipulation:1
Resolve:3 Stamina:3 Composure:4


Mental Physical Social
Academics:3 Athletics:
Animal Ken:0
Computer:3 Brawl:4 Empathy:0
Crafts:0 Drive:0 Expression:0
(Assault Rifles)
Medicine:1 Larceny:0 Persuasion:1
Occult:2 Stealth:0 Socialize:1
Politics:0 Survival:0 Streetwise:0
Weaponry:1 Subterfuge:1
Bold indicates asset skills

Other Traits

Merits Miscellaneous
Eidetic Memory:2 Health:8
Meditative Mind:1 Willpower:7
Ambidextrous:3 Morality:7
Iron Stamina:1 Size:5
Unseen Sense (superwolves):3 Speed:11
Berserker (brawl):2 Defense:1 (1) (2)
Aikido:3 Armor:2/3 (3)
Resources1 Initiative Mod:7
(1) – Armor imposes a -1 penalty, bringing normal defense of 2 down to 1.
(2) – Using totem increases defense to 3, but armor reduces it to 2.
(3) – Armor becomes 3/4 vs bludgeoning or lethal damage when in berserker rage.


Weapon Qty Carried Dice Mod Standard Dice Pool Bonus Range Clip Size Weapon Size
Bowie Knife 1 2L 6 Melee N/A 2
Silver Bowie Knife 1 2L 6 Silver Melee N/A 2
Melee N/A 0B 7 Melee N/A 0
Throwing Knife 4 1L 7 16/32/64 N/A 1
44 Magnum 1 3L 8 9 again, laser sight (4) 50/100/200 8+1
Springfield Armory M14 (7.62 NATO AR) w/ Underbarrel Grenade Launcher 1 4L 10 9 again, laser sight (4), autofire (5), str 3(3/4/5) (6) 200/400/800 20+1 3
Underbarrel Grenade Launcher 1 see grenade type 5+grenade damage str 2 75/150/300 1 2
Grenade 2 2L+3 Radius: 10 16/32/64 N/A 1
(4) – Laser sight adds +1 to dice pool at short and medium range (unless firing a burst)
(5) – Autofire allows for short, medium or long bursts. Short burst = +1 dice pool, uses 3 bullets; Medium burst = +2 dice pool, uses 10 bullets; Long burst = +3 dice pool, uses 20 bullets. Medium and long bursts can be used against multiple targets. Roll separately for each target. Rolls against all targets fired at suffer a n dice penalty where n is the number of targets being fired at. See strength requirements.
(6) – Autofire imposes strength requirements. The requirements are given for short/medium/long bursts. If the requirement isn’t met, the dice pool has a penalty equal to the difference between the strength requirement for that burst mode and the character’s strength.


Item Qty Carried Durability Structure Size Cost Notes
Bulletproof Vest 1 Provides the 2/3 armor, -1 to defense
Zip Ties 20
Spare 44 Magnum Clips 4 8 rounds each
Spare Springfield Clips 4 20 rounds each
Smartphone 1
Berserker’s Totem 1


Age:23 Height:5’10"
Hair:Light brown, bleached Weight:145 lbs
Eyes:Blue Race:Human
Sex:Male Nationality:USA
Virtue:Temperance Vice:Wrath
Profession:Scientist Compact/Conspiracy:Network Zero

Merits Cheat Sheet

* Ukemi – Stand up from prone as a reflexive action or 1 point of armor vs falling bludgeoning damage
* * Aiki – Forego defense for the round. Roll dex+brawl. If result is greater than damage, no damage is taken and you immediately apply a grapple (can immediately turn into the * * * attack). Can only be used against melee, weaponry and close range firearm attacks.
* * * Shihonage – Make a standard brawl attack, but (if successful) it also throws the subject up to size+brawl attack successes yards away, knocking them prone.
* Strength in the Fury – Use 4 dice rather than 2 when making an all-out attack.
* * Adrenaline Rush – Gain a point of armor vs bashing and lethal damage.
Random Facts

Standard attire is tropical shirt and cargo shorts (or pants, depending on the time of year). A thin Kevlar vest is worn over the shirt when trouble is expected (nearly constantly at this point in time). Footwear as appropriate to the endeavor.
“Chosen One” – A very special man. Preordained before birth to wield the key to the planes, the Avatar of Chaos himself, blessed with powers beyond that of any mortal man"
Where is everything?
Bowie knives – Sheathed in the small of the back, a la Crocodile Dundee. The silver is accessible to the left hand while the standard one is accessible to the right hand.
Throwing knives – One set (of 2) is sheathed in the same sheaths as the bowies while the other two are in sheathes on the outside of his upper arms (one per arm, accessible through the sleeves of his shirt).
Glock – shoulder holster, left-hand draw
Zip ties & smartphone – pockets
Other weapons / gear – where ever is convenient

Michael Sorenson

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