King Arthur's Signet Ring

Defense Relic


This ring was given to King Arthur by Merlin. It possessed the power to protect Arthur and his companions from enemies with powers that were greater than normal men. Its use only required Arthur to have the sufficient strength of will to activate.

+2 to defense against physical and mental attacks from supernatural beings
Costs 2 willpower to activate
Activation is a free action
Costs 1 additional willpower to provide same benefits for up to 3 allies

The ring appears silver in color though it is not as easily scratched or dinged. The inside is smooth from years of wear and existence, though faint markings of what could have been magical runes placed by Merlin can be felt but not seen or read. The outside was designed to show Thirteen Dragon Scales, one for each knight of the Round Table. When activated the ring gives off a strong and distracting light even through gloves and clothing that distracts and confuses any supernatural attacker.


King Arthur's Signet Ring

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