The Infernal Scepter

Jay's Pimp Stick

weapon (melee)

Game Mechanics

Cane, Stone/Metal Topped: 3B
Supernatural: +2
When the owner of the cane is threatened, a 1d6 is rolled (e.g. at the beginning of initiative) to determine when the next demon will appear. The demon-possessed human will appear within a 100 yard radius, and feel compelled to attack the wielder of the cane. They will not necessarily appear within eye sight of the wielder, which may cause confusion to the summoned demon.

The cane can be ‘called’ by the present owner, and will appear in his hand if desired regardless of distance or the cane’s previous location. Even when not summoned, the cane may choose to appear near the owner when the owner is threatened.


Appearances and Names

Roman Empire (~105 AD): scepter maledixisti et inferno / the infernal and cursed scepter
Holy Roman Empire (~1209 AD): schwarzenstock des Damonenlord / black cane of the demon lord
Modern Era (~now): demon cane / Jay’s pimp stick


While this cane has been officially documented only rarely through history, some historians claim it has been present more than previously thought. Others argue that most of these stories are fabricated to enhance the owner’s prestige or infamy, depending on who tell’s the tale. The general description has not varied however: a well crafted cane of black wood, capped with silver on the bottom, and a silver head grasping a dark colored stone. It’s height seems to vary with the owner, never seeming to be too short or tall and never showing signs of wear or breaking.

The Infernal Scepter

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