All are present:

Team selects to take the Silver Hand Mirror

Seth, Sam, Grim, Ainhoa, Jay, Michael, JIM, Earl, Lesley, Peter have 4 each of the 42 health potions

Everyone has one of the 42 anti-lunacy potions

Lily’s pack (7 werewolves total, one super), Earl, Peter, Lesley, Sam, Jay, Michael, JIM, Seth, Franks, are helicopter lifted to a C-130 that has a Humvee and .50 cal turret and flies everyone to Ashland Airport in Oregon.

A platoon of Army National Guard greets the C-130 Their available hardware: two transport trucks with 12 soldiers spread between them , one Humvee has m249 turret, one Humvee with Grenade Launcher, two Humvees without turrets, one Stryker

It will be a two hour drive to crater lake, Wizard Island. 30 minutes outside of airport a transport vehicle breaks down, and cannot be fixed. Two soldiers are left with the broken transport vehicle to attempt repair or wait for recovery.

The rest of the soldiers in that transport board the other vehicles. Lily’s pack is in the working transport vehicle. Sam is manning the grenade launcher in one Humvee. Seth is manning the m249 turret, Jay is driving in one Humvee. Jim is manning the 50 cal in one Humvee

One hours into the drive

Surprise Round

The last vehicle flips over and tumbles several times. “Cloaked” flying Gargoyle(s) are attacking. No one is able to see the Gargoyles

Round 1

Sam is bit by one of the Gargoyles for three lethal. The strike gunner sees Gargoyle1 attacking Sam. Gargoyle2 attacks driver of first Humvee for 1 lethal. Sam drops inside the Humvee and draws his axe. The National Guard Lieutenant shoots at Gargoyle1 with the 50 cal – does 4 lethal. The National Guard Soldier in the first HUMV misses Gargoyle2. Jim attacks Gargoyle1 for 1 lethal. Jay rolls 4 successes but doesn’t sense any demons. Peter attacks Gargoyle2 on the first Humvee for 2 lethal. Seth sees Gargoyle1 attacking Humvee 3, and hits for 2 lethal.

Round 2

Gargoyle1 flies off the Humvee 3. Earl attacks Gargoyle2 for 1 lethal. Gargoyle2 attacks driver of Humvee 1 for 2 lethal. Sam gets back up and looks for Gargoyle1 but fails. NG Lt attacks Gargoyle1 7 lethal and kills it. NGS in first Humvee hits Gargoyle2 for 3 lethal. Jim attacks Gargoyle2 for 7 lethal and kills it.

End of Combat

Driver of Humvee1 keeps control. Earl and Peter take the front seats and drive the front Humvee. Ainhoa tries to see if CWV is lying, but doesn’t think he is

NG and team approach Crater Lake from the South. It’s about 3 hours until night. The team decides to continue on no despite the hour. The team loads up the two boats as much as possible, leaving 7 NGS behind for a second trip. Two boats approach Wizard Island. Bodies litter the beach of Wizard Island. 2 hours of sunlight left.

Mean while in inside, Ainhoa is dragged out, but can’t see very well

While outside, The island vibrates and a dark shadow spreads across the entire crater. A bubble fills the entire area above the crater blocking out the Sun, bubble seems to be white. It seems to be twilight now. The third boat arrives with the rest of the NGS and Franks

Lily’s pack tries to find Ainhoa; they smell a lot of things: Vampires, Whites, Super-Wolves, but not Ainhoa. Ginger is able to smell Ainhoa, but not able to follow where her scent is going/has been.

Jim is helped by everyone and gets 10 successes that the bodies have been fed upon by werewolves and vampires. The team space out ten yards apart and start walking toward the top of the volcano.
Franks sees an area of more bodies and footprints down the western side of the volcano. We make our way toward the high body count area. We hear noises when within 20 yards of a cave entrance.

Round 1

Lesley shoots @ White6 for 3 bullet damage. Seth shoots the head off of White7. Earl shoots White1. Jim fires a HE grenade at Whites, knocks down 1,3,4,6,8,10 doing 4 damage, kills 1 and 6.
Grimm sees a vampire climb out of one of the bodies. Jay draws out the Silver Hand Mirror. Grimm tries to grapple vampire1, but fails. Ginger bites vampire1. Sam advances down the hill. Franks attacks White8 for 4 damage.

NGS with the m249 attacks White4 for 3 damage. NGS attacks White3 for 5 damage, killing it, White5 for 3 damage, White5 for 4 damage, White2 for 3 damage, White2 for 4 damage, killing it, White4 for 1 damage, White5 for 3 damage.

Michael shotguns vampire1 for 0 damage. Peter snipers White5 for 4 damage killing it. Vampire1 gets attacked by 5 werewolves, wishes for death.

Round 2

Lesley attacks White4 killing it. Jay moves towards vampire1. Seth attacks White10 doing 5 damage killing it. Earl double moves. White9 advances. Grimm does 4 damage to vampire1 with bite, killing it. Vampire2 climbs out of corpse and attacks Lesley for 5 aggravated damage and is drained for 4 lethal, she drops. Sam charges White9 and does 7 damage killing it with battle axe. Ginger attacks vampire2 for 1 aggravated damage. Vampire3 pops out of another corpse and attacks Lily. Franks double moves toward the cave

NGS attacks Vampire3 for 2 damage, 3 damage, 5 damage, 5 damage, 2 damage. NGS attacks Vampire2 for 2 lethal. Vampire4 pops up and attacks Franks for 3 bite damage. Michael attacks vampire2 for 1 lethal. Peter attacks vampire3 for 4 damage. Pack kills vampire3

Round 3

Jay charges and attacks vampire2 buts whiffs. Vampire5, with metal helmet and severed head pops up and grapples Michael. Seth attacks vampire5 with long swords for 8 damage. 8 more Whites appear. Earl attacks vampire4 for 0 damage. Jim fires White Phosphorus grenade at group of Whites doing 4 fire damage on Whites 1-6. Grimm attacks Vampire5 for 4 lethal. Vampire2 attacks Ginger for 7 lethal plus for 4 drain, vampire2 is healing itself. Sam attacks vampire4 for 4 lethal, killing it. Ginger attacks vampire2. Franks attacks White8 for 4 damage.

NGS attack White8 for 1 damage, then 5 damage killing it. NGS attack White7 for 3 damage, then 7 damage. NGS attack vampire2 for 3 lethal, killing it.

Vampire6 pops up and does 3 lethal to a werewolf. Michael realizes he has no hope of breaking out of the grapple. Peter attacks vampire6 doing 3 damage. Pack kills vampire6.

Round 4

Jay attacks vampire5 with cane for 3 aggravated. Vampire6 Corpse Doors away from fight with Michael. Whites1-6 dies from the White Phosphorus fire damage.

End of Combat

First medic to Lesley has one chance to stabilize her.


Previous fight: glass vial with beads in it

Date: 02/15/13
Present: Everyone

As the group leaves back through the portal and tunnel and bathroom, we find nothing of Ainhoa. Grimm searches sniffing every inch of what we pass and every surface, but can find no scent or trace of Ainhoa.

Grimm calls Lily for help. Lily says that they’ll be there to help ASAP.

Steve spills his drink. Players spend their XP. Intermission.

XP Spent

  • Jay spends 6 practical and 4 normal for 5th dot demonology

  • Seth spends 11 practical and 1 group for fighting finesse for long swords and short shorts

  • Seth spends 15 more for 3rd dot in resolve

  • Ainhoa spends 6 practical on 3rd dot fighting style spetznav

  • DB spends 8 practical for combat marksmanship

  • DB spends 10 more for 5th dot in combat marksmanship

  • Sam spends 38 XP and 2 group for his 4th dot strength and merit relic creator

  • Michael spends 14 practical for quick draw berserker rage and berserker rage


Lily shows up with the pack since one of the pack members is missing. They smell whites and vampires all over. After an hour and a half they haven’t found anything of note. Some go through the portal to check the graveyard and find a pile of Ainhoa’s weapons there. They do smell her scent and follow it to the road where it stops. They also smell the scent of a vampire with hers. They can smell it going over to the northbound side.

Sam calls KG to see if he can check traffic cams in the area. He doesn’t find any cams in the area to check. Seth (12 successes) picks up blood spots and discovers there was a fight in the area. With KG’s information we are able to assess that there is a car with a dead body in it at the Thorndale train station (not Ainhoa!).

The voice from the dungeon is the voice from the video when the apocalypse began; the vampire who was riding the wolf in the TV video. He was wearing Confederate clothing in the video.

Seth calls Franks to see if the trains are running still. Septa is not currently running. Nor any cargo freights or anything running in this part of the country. We check if KG can check any cameras in the area or at the station to see if there is evidence of trains.

We find that the body in the car is the owner of the car and seems to just have been a snack.

Ainhoa’s Story
Ainhoa can hear that she is on a train. She slowly wakes up and can tell she is still hurt. She can smell rotten meat, urine, feces around her. As she looks around everything is dark except for a flash of light through doors of the boxcar she is in. She can feel that her hands are chained together behind her. Ainhoa activates her bracelet so she can see in the dark of the car.

Around her is an empty boxcar with another chained up woman. She is a little bit away near the corner; she’s not moving. After a few minutes the door on the side opens up, and the man from the video is there. He begins talking with a thick Southern accent. He asks her to deactivate her bracelet and she does.

He says that he can smell the dogs all over her. The same dogs that killed his Crow. Crow was related to him; Crow was his. Lord Mashadow sent vampires to take over the various cities. It’s all part of Lord Mashadow’s plans. He has been in Philly for many years and was sleeping, but only recently awoken.

The Others
The city has been quieter for the last few hours. The whites and vampires have been disappearing. There seems to be very few of them remaining after our fight. The group heads back to NZ.

Earl pulls us into the conference room. Grimm stays with us to try and help find Ainhoa.

The name on the tomb at Brandywine was Willy Smithon. NZ looks it up and find references to him rising from the grave and being a vampire.

THe group discusses Crow and what Grimm can tell us about what the vampire was saying to Ainhoa. We go to Crow’s old place and find a boarded up building/warehouse. We find nothing there except hints of werewolves being there a long time ago.

NZ is able to find people who seem to be related to Willy Smithon down south and up north.

We head back to NZ and Peter has some ideas. He starts asking Michael how many dreams he’s had (4) and if he’s noticed a trigger that starts them. Peter starts theorizing that if we knock Michael out, we might be able to trigger a dream. Peter and Grimm move behind Michael, but he notices them locking the door.

Surprise –
Sam punches Michael

Round 1 -

  • Grimm and Peter grapple Michael
  • Michael yells ‘Why don’t I just try and meditate?’
  • DB tasers Michael
  • Seth starts yelling that we can do it medically
  • Sam punches Michael again
  • Michael tries to wiggle

Round 2 -

  • Still holding Michael
  • DB tasers Michael again
  • Sam tries to punch Michael, but Seth jumps in the way and gets hit
  • Seth swings at Sam but misses

Round 3 -

  • DB tasers Sam
  • Sam tries to punch Seth
  • Seth holds
  • Peter begins to realize this was a bad idea

Round 4 -

  • DB tasers Sam until he falls unconscious

Initiative Ends.

Everything goes black for Michael and starts dreaming about puppies and pink bunnies. But old guy doesn’t show up.

Seth takes Michael to the medical bay and takes care of him. After 15 minutes, Michael wakes up to Grimm leaning over and staring at him. Seth uses narcotics to knock Michael out and medically induce a closer to death state.

Michael starts hearing the old man. He asks what he’s doing here again. The old man wants to show him something. Michael sees everyone looking at his body on the gurney. Grimm senses a presence and says ‘I think the old man’s here!’ Michael is pulled out of the building and Philadelphia. Lots of things stream by faster and faster west.

Suddenly they plunge into the ground and into a cavernous opening. There is a sudden feeling of vampires; that there a very strong powerful beings nearby. There is a pit of people screaming, whom are trying to climb out, but cannot make it.

‘He (Lord Mashadow) came here a few days ago, and he is doing something in the back. But he doesn’t know what. They are preparing for something that is coming.’ You hear a voice yell ‘Heinrick, you brought him back in again. I brought you in, but you are out again.’

Heinrich says ‘We must leave!’ As Michael is pulled back out of the dirt and ground he sees a sign that says ‘Welcome to Wizard Island.’

Seth wakes Michael up.

Michael tells everyone about Wizard Island. We look it up and find:

Wizard Island is a volcanic cinder cone which forms an island at the west end of Crater Lake in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon. The top of the island reaches 6,933 feet (2,113 m) above sea level, about 755 feet (230 m) above the average surface of the lake. The cone is capped by a volcanic crater about 500 feet (150 m) wide and 100 feet (30 m) deep. The crater was named the “Witches Cauldron” by Will G. Steel in 1885, who also gave Wizard Island its name at the same time.5 The land area of the island is 315.85 acres (127.82 ha).

Seth calls up Franks and tells him that Lord Mashadow is in Oregon, and they make the connection that a place of power is in Oregon. Franks gets helicopters ready and fueled.

DC has been taken over, and the White House has been overrun. There is a video of the President speaking and turning all power over to a demon there on camera. You then see Biden come in and shoot the President. Then there is gunfire and people running around. After that there is news that Biden is on Air Force One.

Ainhoa’s Story
Ainhoa starts looking for a way to pick her locks. During the time she is there she can see that the other trapped woman is a blood doll. She successfully frees herself from the shackles and goes to the door. The train is moving pretty fast. Through cracks in the door she seems that it’s dark out. She activates the bracelet and can see woods in the countryside they are passing through.

It’s a few hours until morning so Ainhoa goes back and waits for morning. Once daylight hits, she opens the door. As the door opens, she hears the woman say ‘Where are you going? Help me!’ Ainhoa ignores her for the moment and instead leaps up to the roof. There appears to be 20 cars in either direction of the boxcar she was in. She begins heading down the train towards the back by leaping from car to car.

On the other car she sees arms starting to reach up over the edge of the car. Ainhoa tries to run through/around him. She sees that he appears human and then a second is climbing up from the side. She jumps to the third boxcar.

Ainhoa keeps moving, sprinting along the tops of the boxcars towards the back of the train. She then tries to activates her Forgettable power but fails. She continues running but slips and misses the next car. Reflexively she grabs and holds the edge of the car with her legs dragging under the car. Ainhoa activates the Forgettable power again, this time successfully. After about 4 rounds she is able to disconnect the train cars. Looking up she sees something very fast leaping along the cars and smoking. It jumps from the back, disconnected cars to the front cars.

Ainhoa climbs up and sees the vampire on the front cars, and he sees her. She starts running again along the cars. He turns and starts running for her. The vampire grabs and tackles her on the roof, knocking her out.

Ainhoa wakes up in a different boxcar. She has been fed some vampire blood, healed slightly. The vampire seems particularly cranky, and nearby is a train engineer laying in a pool of blood. She turns off the Forgettable power, but finds that her bracelet for seeing in the dark is missing. There is a wooden crate filled with dirt in the boxcar with her.

People going:

  • Lily’s Pack
  • Us
  • Assorted government agencies

Supplied Equipment:
3x Hummers with turrets, sling loaded, incendiary rounds for the .50 cals
6x A10s
2x M60s

1x relic from the book
42x potions against lunacy
42x potions of healing magical goodness and pwnies

DB is looking into any of the groups or personalities that have inhabited Wizard Island or anyone that has gone to the Island. Any history or lore of the island or people who have been/gone to the island.

Jay looks into it with everyone’s assistance and makes an EXCEPTIONAL ROLE.

Steve will give us good information next time regarding this so he can think of it.

Where Ainhoa gets abducted... again.

February 1, 2013
Present: Walter, Eric, Dave, Bonnie, James, Steve


After having spent two days healing in the ICU or being healed by Angela, the team regroups…

Michael suggests researching the “Grigori (fallen angels)” and we assigned Kaygee with the task. “ST Note: See link for what Kaygee found” Looking to see if there are similarities in experiences/encounters with these beings/etc. Michael also wants to know if the bathroom was intentionally possessed or if they were attempting to summon the demon into something or someone else, so that we can gain some insight into what they’re doing and why they are doing it. It’s not clear who exactly was doing the summoning (whether it was a vampire or lesser demons). Jay assists to help with his demonology expertise but could not come up with anything.

Ainhoa and the others find Gringo’s Fruits and Veggies stand in the black market. She purchases 4 potions. Gives one to Michael, Sam, and DB and holds the last one. Afterward, Jay and Ainhoa attempt to research how to dispel the darkness in the one tunnel in the dungeon but are unsuccessful. We speculate that taking a torch or something with an actual flame may produce some results (but were wrong).

Seth and DB make their way to the local parish church that we’ve visited before. There are nuns and other faithful there, and the Cardinal is present but it seems everyone has forgone the usual formalities. Seth is recognized as being from Network Zero and is escorted by a nun to see the Cardinal who he asks for help in fighting demons, either in information or blessing his weapons. The Cardinal says he cannot spare any unusual or magical items, but he will bless any items we bring him. He performs the ritual right there and blesses Seth’s two long swords as well as DB’s sword.

In return for blessing the items, the Cardinal tells Seth that an offering to the church would be much appreciated. He turns down any kind of monetary donation, and explains that he and the nuns are hoping to leave the city and asks that we escort them in a couple of days on their journey. Seth agrees.

Meanwhile, Sam goes on a quick trip to gather supplies to create some explosives. He finds all the materials he requires and he makes 8 successes worth of explosives. Before he leaves the Home Depot, he grabs power tools and a generator upon Michael’s request. Michael and Ainhoa go collect some gas.

After arguing for some time, we all decide to go through the portal beneath the park bathroom. We all successfully dodge the acid and work our way toward the unusually dark hallway. Seth decides to attempt to walk into the darkness with a torch with a rope tied to him in case he needs to be pulled out. He makes it past the rune and steps into the darkness. The dark extinguishes the torch and he continues through, touching the walls as he goes. He ends up going down some stairs, and then comes out of the darkness about 30 yards in. When he relays that it is safe, we tie our end of the rope to a nearby set of bars and follow the length of the rope through to the lit side of the tunnel. Sam unties the rope before making the last trip through.

Once through the darkness, we attempt to step into the center of the four-way intersection. Ainhoa and Seth succumb to an overwhelming sensation of exhaustion and dread and collapse. Grimm and Jay, respectively, pull them out and wait until they regain consciousness. While Grimm is in the center of the intersection, he spies odd, vegetative tendrils reaching out of the nearest wall. Once everyone is on their feet again, Seth decides to try and burn the vines with his torch. As he waves the torch at the vines, they begin to retreat. DB comes up behind him and takes a shot at the vines, scoring several good hits which successfully severs all but one of the vines from the wall. Ainhoa runs by the retreating vines without interference (the remaining vine was still retreating from Seth’s flame), and Grimm comes behind (in wolf form) and bites the last vine loose from the wall.

On the other side of the vines, Ainhoa and Seth open the doors and come into a red-marble, pentagonal room with an empty stone coffin lying in the center of the space. On either side of the room lay a pool of blood and manacles hang from the walls. Seth performs a brief search but it produces nothing of value.

Back in the intersection, the team decides to go forward through the ensuing darkness. As they emerge from the darkness, the space opens up around them. To the left there is a chair within and surrounded by two pools of blood. To the right we notice a werewolf, gnawing at itself and twitching about in an unusual manner. It is recognizable as the werewolf from the news report at the start of the “apocalypse.” We also take notice of an ape-creature (Gagore), and one of the tendril demons in separate corners.

(ROUND 1 STARTS) As they take in what they see before them, the Gagore charges. As he charges, we hear, “STOP!!! y’ve come far. ya got past ma bloods and ma whites and som haw da demon. Ya have any idear what blazes that cost ma da summon…“ The Gagore swing at Ainhoa and sending her flying into Grimm, who falls into Michael. All of them end up on the floor, and Ainhoa feels like her left collar bone has been badly broken.

The voice continues, “And somehow past my demon, do you have any idear what the blazes that cost me to summon?” We do not see anyone immediately present that could be the speaker.

As Grimm stands back to his feet, Seth takes a couple shots at the tendril demon, hitting it twice, and DB pulls back and throws a grenade at the werewolf in the corner. Both the werewolf and the Gagore take significant damage from the blast which seems to get the werewolf’s attention. Jay steps forward and concentrates on the Gagore, attempting to take command of its actions using his demonology skills. Michael steps forward and shoots the tendril demon with his shotgun while Ainhoa gingerly reclaims her feet.

As he surveys the situation, Seth suddenly finds himself overwhelmed by the sounds of hell and is unable to move. As he is frozen, the werewolf in the corner charges and lunges for Michael, swiping and clawing at his collar bone, tearing through his flesh. Sam takes out a pipe bomb and lights it.

(ROUND 2 STARTS) “I na ma wolf trape would have gotten as well. Na ya enter ma home kill some of ma pets… and ya expect just walk in here kill ma…”

Due to Jay’s command, the Gagore falls to the ground. Grimm, in his war form, moves in to grapple the opposing werewolf, taking him into a death grip. As Grimm grapples the werewolf, DB shoots at the demon, hitting him with two shots which causes it to drop. Jay jumps forward and quickly smashes the werewolf with his cane, while Michael shoots it with his shotgun. Sam throws his pipe bomb off into the far right corner, doing some damage to the Gagore which is lying prone on the floor.

(ROUND 3 STARTS) “Puss, I na ya smell ya all over dis place. Ya r pissn killr da bloods. I smell da dogs on ya as well. Ya smell is familiary ta ma…. It took me sometam but I got it… I got it real good. Ya da one I smell from da dicker sometime back …. back ta da same dogs that killed ma bloody Crow.” Ainhoa, hearing this, goes pale, and quaffs a potion while remaining near the edge of the darkness, behind the battle. It helps, but her collar remains badly broken. She then activates her Forgettable relic in an attempt to hide.

The Gagore, from the ground, swipes at Sam, sending him flying backward, though Sam somehow manages to stay on his feet. Grimm attempts to bite onto the wolf in his grip, managing to get little more than a mouthful of fur. Seth, now released from the demon’s dread attack, moves to aid Grimm, dropping his guns and taking up his swords. He slashes him but it doesn’t seem to cut too deep. During the combat, DB takes a moment to look around, trying to locate the source of the voice in the room, but he does not discern his location.

Jay raises his cane again, but this time in the direction of the Gagore, who he hits. Michael drops his gun and takes out a potion.

(ROUND 4 STARTS) “Mashadow… uph… I na lickfinger him na more. His bloods can lickfinger him all da want. They cant control ma no more… I’m done with with ya all. Leave ma be now!”

The Gagore swings wildly from the ground, missing Sam and striking only the wall. Grimm moves to regain his grapple on the other werewolf and successfully surrounds him in another death grip. Seth moves in next to slice at the werewolf, and hits his target. Jim decides to toss a grenade at the chair in the left corner of the room, and the chair blows apart, splattering blood everywhere.

Jay took another strike at the ape, finally smashing it into stillness. Michael quaffs his potion, and is able to set his collar bone while Ainhoa remains standing far behind the others. The werewolf flails in Grimm’s grip but cannot seem to break free.

(ROUND 5 STARTS) Grimm stretches and wrenches upward against the wolf in his grip, tearing its head clean off its shoulders. As Michael watches, he sees the spirit of the superwolf howl and flash out of existence while those watching can see a black smoke flee from the body and down the hallway. Ainhoa, on the verge of rejoining the others, feels a blow to her head, the sensation of being dragged, and then darkness.

Sensing that danger has passed, Seth and Jim move forward to explore around the room. Grimm takes one look around and realizes Ainhoa is nowhere to be seen. He immediately alerts and starts yelling her name and searching for her without any success. They decide to do a sweep of the dungeon before exiting.

During the sweep, Jim approaches a table in a corner that has a jar sitting on top. As he approaches, a green gas starts emitting from the walls on either side and as he backs up he watches a spider get eaten away by the fog. Seth, Michael, and Sam attempt to put together a bit of a snare to lasso the jar and it fails miserably as the rope and zip ties they used in the contraption melted in the fog. Sam then attempted to disrupt the gas mechanisms and succeeded in jamming the gas emitting openings. He gets the jar and the label on the jar looks Asian. Inside appears to be pebbles.

After a hurried search of the dungeon, which does not produce Ainhoa or the embodiment of the voice, the group attempts to find out how to reactivate the portal that leads back to the bathroom in the park. They succeed and emerge back into the tunnels beneath the bathroom.



Scene open: in a strange dungeon. The group has just killed two large apelike monsters and cleared an ancillary room of torpor vampires.

The group starts hearing a whisper coming down the hallway. Sam alerts DB. Jay, and Seth that something is coming down the hallway.

  • DB Bondurant holds action.
  • Now, Sam Wright has a presence come over him and is drowned out by screams and howls. is immobilized by the hellish sound and smell of burning flesh. he is stuck in a cone of cacophony.
  • Michael Sorenson holds.
  • bad guy #2 does stuff
  • Ainhoa moves up towards Sam Wright and Michael Sorenson
  • [[:jay] positions near the hallway opening and readies a grenade
  • Seth McKale positions next to [[:jay] and readies a grenade.
  • Grimm (Joshua Van Dyne) moves up with ainhoa.
    round 2
  • DB Bondurant moves closer to Michael Sorenson and Sam Wright
  • Michael Sorenson holds
  • bad guy # 2
  • Michael Sorenson picks up something moving on the wall in the hallway moving closer. picks out the face and has no eyes and that it is humanoid.
  • Michael Sorenson goes berserk and moves up.
  • Ainhoa moves up
  • Jay Thomson puts away the grenade, (michael yells out faceless wall crawler)
  • Seth McKale moves up
  • Grimm (Joshua Van Dyne) moves up
    round 3
  • DB Bondurant moves up to see down the hallway. looks down the hallway and sees something crawling down the wall in the hall and shoots at it. hits it and shoots with the second pistol and hits it a second time.
  • baddie 1 does something. a grey female figure devoid of all characteristics, and a series of tendrils coming out of its back and launches at Michael Sorenson and hits him for 1L damage.
  • (Baddie 3) db feels a sense of power overcoming his mind and they begin to subside and regains control.
  • baddie 2 does something.
  • Michael Sorenson does an all out attack against baddie #1. rips a few tendrils out of it.
  • baddie #4 inserts at 15. it crawls down the hallway and attack Sam Wright (2L).
  • Sam Wright is still in agony.
  • Ainhoa moves up to the monster that just attacked Sam Wright and attacks. slices with the kukri (2L) and the machete (0L).
  • Jay Thomson attempts to commands the demon to go prone for 3 rounds.
  • Seth McKale draws swords and attacks the prone demon (#1) (5L and decapitates it).
  • Grimm (Joshua Van Dyne) attempts to grapple the demon that attacked Sam Wright and activates his dread power (4 success).
    round 4
  • DB Bondurant backs away from combat looking for other targets.
  • baddie #1 is dead.
  • baddie #3 moves to the end of the hallway and attacks seth but he deflects the attack.
  • baddie #2.
  • Michael Sorenson all out attacks baddie #3 that looks just like baddie #3 but misses/no effect.
  • baddie #4 is still grappled with Grimm (Joshua Van Dyne), but breaks the grapple at the last moment.
  • Sam Wright swings at baddine #4 but misses.
  • Ainhoa strikes with the kukri (0l) and the machette (2l) at the neck.
  • Jay Thomson is going to command baddie #3 but has no effect.
  • Seth McKale strikes baddie #3 (4L) and (1L) with two swords, chopping its lower left leg down.
  • Grimm (Joshua Van Dyne) bites at baddie #4 for (2L).
    round 5
  • DB Bondurant holds action.
  • baddie #3 strikes at Seth McKale swinging with a tendril (1l}.
  • baddie #2 charges down the hallway at Michael Sorenson an attacks for (1L)
  • Michael Sorenson is down.
  • baddie #4 attacks Grimm (Joshua Van Dyne) for 2L
  • Sam Wright swings at #4 and misses.
  • Ainhoa performs two focused attack against #4 kukri (1L)/(2L) and machette (0L)/(3L).
  • Jay Thomson commands #2 to go prone.
  • Seth McKale attacks #3 (0l) and (2L).
  • Grimm (Joshua Van Dyne) bites #4 for 3L, stripping the forearm down to the bone.
    round 6
  • DB Bondurant steps up.
  • baddie #3 attacks Seth McKale who deflects with his swords.
  • baddie #2 does something? maybe against Grimm (Joshua Van Dyne).
  • Sam Wright charges baddie #2 and hits him for 1L.
  • Ainhoa tries to chop baddie #2’s head kukri (7L)…. and succeeds.

ainhoa rolls resolve and composure, succeeds but has a similar feeling as the bathroom as she enters the hallway. Down the hallway there is only (supernatural?) darkness.

the group suggests to go by the 4 destroyed whirling blades.
DB Bondurant steps through the blades and turns the corner as a flash of electricity through the hallway.
Seth McKale succeeds through the blades and lightning bolt.
Jay Thomson succeeds through the blades and through the bolt.
it is pretty dark down the hallway. the group looks for a switch for the lightning trap. there are steps going down further down the hallway.
Seth McKale and Jay Thomson do not find any mechanical or occult switches for the trap.
jay steps onto the steps and dodges down the steps as spikes strike out along the stairs. alerts the group to the spike trap and the rune trap at the bottom of the stairs.
Ainhoa and Grimm (Joshua Van Dyne) move through the blades and through the lightning.
Seth McKale and DB Bondurant move through the blades successfully. DB Bondurant faints at the bottom, Seth McKale remains up. Jay Thomson drags DB Bondurant out of the rune.
Ainhoa gets hit by the spikes, bleeding profusely. Seth McKale can sense that Ainhoa only has minutes and passes out trying to head towards her.
Grimm (Joshua Van Dyne) pulls Ainhoa back towards Sam Wright and Michael Sorenson.
Michael Sorenson patches up Ainhoa.

Sam Wright strikes at the lightning trap twice.
Sam Wright begins destroying the half the spike trap.

group approaches portal up some stairs. everyone succeeds resolve+composure and succeeds.
the landing has bars on either side of the tee. to the left the hallway elbows back and in the corner there is a table with some bones and odds and ends. to the right there is a 4way intersection with a door at the end.
They all begin investigating the portal. DB Bondurant tries to investigate with help of the others and doesn’t find anything.
Jay Thomson does an occult investigation but feels close.
Jay Thomson gets 8 successes and disappears.
everyone (minues sam) investigates what Jay Thomson did. DB Bondurant disappears through the portal.
the group figures out what to do. Sam Wright approaches the group just before they leave.
the group shows up in a catacomb in the brandywine cemetary. there is a portal behind the group.

the group moves towards an abandoned. group gets air lifted out to a FOB/tent base.

group matrices into Franks.
jay, michael, db and sam discuss whether to bring franks into the loop on michael. franks refuses support. michael calls up earl/robert about leading a assault and asking for advice on whether to go back and investigate/clear out the “dungeon.”

the group decides to go back to the NZ safehouse to get healed by Angela.
group decides to heal up for 2 days. jay, db, and michael goes to NZ. michael is focused on by angela. sam and seth heals up in the icu at mcb camp.

DB Bondurant researches a information about the different demons encountered (6 successes) with help of Kaygee. Uncovers old texts from europe about the demons:
Ape like creature are guardians and are summoned to guard blah. Who would they protect?
Tentacle demon is a standard run of the mill demon. Knows that they can agonize/mind siege targets.

Researches if anyone’s written about the dungeon place, but doesn’t find anything, but portals.

Sam Wright gets his hammer blessed (+1 to undead/demon).
DB Bondurant determines the bracers are probably no longer magical, leaves them with NZ.

DB Bondurant 0
Jay Thomson -
Grimm (Joshua Van Dyne) 1 Agg
Ainhoa 1 Agg
Seth McKale 2 Agg
Michael Sorenson 2 Agg
Sam Wright 2 Agg

Eric won player of the night.

4 January 2013

Present – Bonnie(Ainhoa), James(Sam Wright), Walter(Michael Sorenson), John(Jay Thomson), Dave(Seth McKale), Eric(DB Bondurant)

The Portal

The group is in the tunnels below the Restroom from Hell, trying to determine what to do with the portal that the evil wolves were trying to enter last episode. Jim had figured out how to activate the portal, but has no clue what is on the other side. Perhaps a little frustrated by the back and forth, Ainhoa decides to go through and scout around. She ties a rope around her waist and enters. On the otherside, Ainhoa walks into a circle of grass surrounded by a pool of liquid sulfer in what seems like a twilight. Looking around, she notes bars over pool, stairs leading up to a corridor and unadorned stone walls and floor. There is no sign of a return portal. Ainhoa steps off of the grass circle and notices that the rope around here waist has been perfectly severed. She checks down the hallway and discovers some crates that smell of raw meat. Back in the tunnels the boys pick up the severed rope and despite some suggestions that it’s “not looking good” most are sure that somehow Ainhoa has survived. They again begin debating Portal Theory. Sam and Grim lose interest in the discussion and go through the portal. Seth attaches a camera to a stick and pokes it through the portal. The lens is severed off. It seems that only organic items can go through the portal. Jim and Jay begin to discuss the idea of a “Terminator” approach (wrapping a machine in dead flesh). Seth has had enough and steps through. Michael follows a moment later. Shruggung, Jay follows and after a moment, so does Jim. In Otherside, Sam discouvers that it is frickin’ dark. The light is weak enough but Grim and Ainhoa have not real problem seeing, but as a normal human, Sam cannot see as far. Shortly, Michael, Seth, Jay and Jim come through the portal.

The Dungeon Crawl

The whole group goes down the corridor to the crates of meat. Jim’s curiosity kicks in and he opens one. Yep, its raw flesh. Ainhoa leads the way around the corridor and soon finds the way blocked by a wild spinning blade strap. determining that the baddie wolves had to have had some way to turn off the blades everyone goes looking for a switch or something. No luck. Finally, Seth, Grim and Ainhoa backtrack to the sulfur pool and make like monkeys, swinging around the bars over the sulfur pool to the other side. The rest of the group slowly filters back that way…except for Sam. As Michael, Jim and Jay wander over, Grim, Seth, and Ainhoa begin exploring the other side of the sulfur pool. Ainhoa suddenly gets real cold in a corner.

She leaves the area, as Jay comes over to check out the corner…

…meanwhile, Sam has determined to break a hole through the ancient stone wall. Using his trusty sledgehammer, he soon is crawling through a hole into the spinning blades room. Squating down, he begins preparing some explosives. Meanwhile, Jay has determined that Ainhoa has tripped a magical motion detector device. Some try to decide if this is a bad thing while the rest of the group starts heading down a far corridor towards a stone bench and a pair of double doors. Then Sam sets his bomb off. He hides on the other side of the wall as the bomb blows up. The blade mechanism is broken and the blades stop. Sam makes his way through the destroyed blade room. Suddenly, he hears the sound of multiple horses running from a side corridor.

Initiative Rolled, Combat Ensues.

Sam sees a giant ape-thing charging down the corridor, not even pausing as it hits the bars, knocking a few loose. As second ape-thing comes from behind the first one and also hits the bars, knocking enough loose that one of the apes could slip through. Seth and Jim fire at the two apes, but the apes have Wonder Woman Bracers of Defense +5, and easily block all of the bullets! Seeing this, Michael throws a grenade that hurts the two apes. Meanwhile, Jay opens a pair of doors at the end of the hall with the bench, looks in, then slams the doors shut and runs away from the doors and towards the apes (past Jim). Curiosity kicking in, Jim runs back to the doors to see what scared Jay. Meanwhile, Seth keeps shooting at the Wonder Women Apes (WWA), but most of the bullets are deflected by the magnetic Bracers of Defense +5. Michael, Grim, and Ainhoa engage WWA #1 in melee with Grim grappling the ape while Ainhoa and Michael go to town hacking on the WWA. Seth switches aim to WWA#2 (who is heading for Sam). Jim opens the double doors and sees several ancient sarcophagus on a red floor, closing the door, Jim screams “Vampires” and runs back to the fight. Sam grapples with the giant WWA#2, grabbing its testicles and hanging on for dear life! Seth shoots the second ape but the bullets get deflected by the Bracers of Defense. Ainhoa jumps up and double cuts the head off of the WWA#1 with kikri and machette! Grim races over to the testicularly disadvantaged WWA #2, and bits its side off in s spray of intestines and grizzle. Sam releases the dead Ape’s nutz.

Post Combat

The group butchers the two apes, cutting off the WWA Bracers of Defense +5. Jay returns with Seth and Jim to the Red Room. They push off the lids of the sarcophagus and chop up whatever they find in there – ancient vampires in torpor. After, Jim looks for any identification that will tell who the vampires were…no luck. Grim and Ainhoa find a pile of busted wooden coffins, filled with old corpses (not vampires). As they begin to regroup, they hear a hissed whisper come down the hall from whence the Wonder Woman Apes emerged…

Roll Initiative!!!

Sam won player of the night.

Game notes 8-31-2012
Game notes 8-31-2012

!!!Notes taken by Dave
· Seth kills his roof jumper on the house
· Franks fires at one of the roof jumpers
· Seth, Franks, and his team see one of the roof jumpers vanish
· Jim fires and hits one of the roof jumpers
· A second roof jumper vanishes
· One roof jumper jumps off the roof toward the street
· Seth fires and hits the roof jumper closest to the ground
· Franks fires at a roof jumper
· Franks team fires at a roof jumper
· Jim notices one of the falling roof jumpers in healing as it falls
· Jay accelerates toward one of the falling roof jumpers
· Michael throws a knife at a roof jumper, but only breaks a window
· A big dog appears on top of an abandoned car
· Sam readies a grenade
· Seth fires at a roof jumper
· Franks fires at the big dog
· The dog comes enveloped in green flame and jumps on Franks biting his right arm making Franks drop his weapon
· Roof Jumper2, vampire2, grapples Jim and tries to feed, but Jim gets his gun in the way of the vampire
· Jim tries but fails to break free of the vampire
· Ainhoa moves to aid Jim and hacks at the vampire’s neck twice, decapitating it on the second swing
· Franks’ Team fires at the demon dog on Franks
· Vampire4 appears in the back of the SUV and grapples Sam, it drains three lethal with its bite
· Michael throws a knife, misses the windows, and hits vampire5
· Jay tries to hit vampire5 with the SUV, but it dodges, to make up for it he successfully hits vampire4 with his demon cane
· Sam then overpowers the vampire and draws his gun
· Vampire5 attacks Ainhoa only able to do one aggravated damage to her
· Seth fires vampire3 three times, then jumps out the window to land on the lawn gracefully
· Franks’ arm gets ripped out of the socket by the demon dog
· Jim quickly draws both handguns and shoots at vampire5 hitting it twice
· Ainhoa swings at vampire5’s neck hitting with the machete but misses with her second swing
· Vampire3 tries to attack Ainhoa but she is able to defend with the machete
· Franks’ Team attacks the demon dog blowing it away with Franks’ arm
· Vampire4 fails to overpower the might of Sam and is shamed and confused
· Michael draws two more of his knives
· Jay drift slides the SUV 180 degrees while cane slapping vampire4 a second time
· Same shoots vampire4 causing more damage
· Vampire5 attacks Ainhoa, but she continues to deflect all attacks
· Seth drops his rifle; quick draws his swords, and attacks vampire3 causing heavy damage to its left leg, removing an arm. The vamp is barely “alive”
· Franks, also barely alive, manages to kill vampire3
· Jim shoots at vampire5, hitting it with his second shot
· Ainhoa swings at vampire5’s neck successfully decapitating it on her first swing
· Franks’ Team moves up toward the SUV and go prone for an aimed shot
· Vampire4 fails to overpower the mighty Sam a second and begins to question his choices in life and where he must have gone wrong
· Jay brings the SUV to a skillful stop while cane slapping, the disgraced, vampire4 for a third time
· Sam shots vampire4 again
· Seth moves to the SUV ready to aid Sam and Jay
· Jim moves to the SUV, fires, and hits vampire4
· Ainhoa moves to the far side of SUB ready to aid Sam and Jay
· Vampire4 surrenders to the overwhelming power of Sam… and his team mates
· Franks’s Team however, fires and kills the vampire
· Sam, angry and covered in vampire blood, starts cursing out Franks’ Team for almost hitting him and killing an information source and not providing enough quality liquor
· Franks’ Team radios for a medivac and preps Franks
· The helicopter takes out Franks and his arm
· Our team clean up themselves and the area
· Franks makes it back to the NZ compound within 18 hours with two working arms
· Sam notices that Franks’ arm is slightly different than the original, it is longer, has different muscle composition, and the skin doesn’t match
· Sam questions him but Franks is a dick, like always, and doesn’t provide an decent answers
· Ainhoa gets a phone call from a member of the pack saying they are holding a large number of undead in Fairmount Park
· Ainhoa gives NZ a quick brief and then a gets a second phone call where is able to ask questions and get more information
o There is a creek in a valley with a bridge connecting the two sides of the creek
o A public restroom building, and parking lots
o There doesn’t seem to be any Triad monsters
o There are at least 32 whites, and 14 vampires
o 30 werewolves in four packs are holding the ground
o We decide to separate into three teams and attack from three different areas
o Team 1 is Lily’s pack (int = 14, located near creek far from bridge)
o Team 2 is Pack 2 (int = 16, located on the creek bank that doesn’t have the restrooms)
o Team 3 is Marestail’s pack (int = 17, located near creek close to the bridge)
o Team 4 is Pack 4 (int = 12, located on the creek bank that does have the restrooms)
o Team 5 is Melee Team (int = 20, located with Lily’s pack, members: Ainhoa, Earl, Michael, Sam, and Jay)
o Team 6 is Fire Team 1 (int = 21, located between Team 2 and 3 on the hill side across from creek and monsters, members: Franks and his four man squad) Has a SUV for rapid redeployment if necessary
o Team 7 is Fire Team 2 (int = 14, located between Team 1 and Team 4 on the hill side with the monsters, members: Seth, Leslie, Peter, Jim) Has a SUV for rapid redeployment if necessary
o Mob 1 int = 13
o Mob 2 int = 17
o Mob 3 int = 16
o Mob 4 int = 13
o Mob 5 int = 14
o Mob 6 int = 15
o Monsters are currently holding position in and around the two parking lots adjacent to the restrooms

Armageddon - The Beginning

Prequel- remind group how they got here….

Play sorrow.

Reports have been slowly coming in on attacks on various cities. The reports describe quick moving humans that paralyze their victims before they perform the dance of death on their souls. large dogs have been seen within their ranks. Reports coming form some state that they are the size of bears. They been seen tearing through the humans and leaving behind bloody balls of flesh.

Atlanta, was the first to see these attacks, then Columbia SC… Shortly after that dc was under siege followed by Jacksonville fl, and finally your city …. Philadelphia. It’s obvious to all of you now that these attacks are coordinated and meant for a purpose. what that is you are not sure.

The attacks seem to focus first on the local police then the military. Military strikes have been made but they haven’t been that effective since the local population has been embedded within them. There have been reports of the air forces unmanned drones being taken out in the sky from some flying creature. So far form the news only conventional weapons have been used.

Reports from Atalanta are not good and not much has come out form that city these past few days. Dc has been able to put down the attack even through it lost almost it’s entire ground forces on its initial attack. The president whose been on air force one since the Columbia attack has declared Marshall law… Is is the message you got from you local news guys Kent Brocman.

Play emergency broadcast message form kent brocman.

Once mcb got heavily involved and informed the president what they are up against the message was changed to be just this side of the Mississippi and once it was figured out that the cities were the main target they asked that they be evacuated immediately with the military help and if it can be done travel only during the day and seek shelter at night.

The Mexican and Canadian boarders have been shutdown with reports of people fleeing to those countries.

The soldiers have been pulled back from their forward deployed locations and are quickly coming home to protect their nation… Their country that seems to be now under siege. The mcb has been very busy moving their special ops folks to these cities that are directly under siege. The werewolf nation has been working with the mcb and has managed to effectively immobilize some of these uber wolves.

Agent franks has been assigned with you folks with a squad of his own men. Seth, has been attended too by Angela these past few weeks and is ready for combat again. The mcb along with Robert and kaygee have been pouring over the Internet and research books trying to identify any know places of power that the elf queen was talking about.

There is a new member of NZ that has been asking a lot about his brother from you all since his brother spent the remainder of his last days with you all before being decapitated by thehookman.

Black Smoke pack has taken some losses in the fight, but Mare’s Tail was able to pull the rest of her pack to safety. Lily’s pack has not lost any members, but control of Fairmount Park has been lost.

Micheals dream two

You were standing in the remains of a small town. The nearby buildings had been shelled into rubble. A light dusting of snow covered the broken stone, shattered wood and rusting metal. There were a few signs and torn advertising on some of the crumbled walls.

(roll to see if you recognize the language) intelligence and Academics
- No, You did not recognize the language, but it seemed familiar.
3 or better
- Yes, You recognize the language to be German but not quite how you remember it to be seems like old German.

The style of the art was simple and old-fashioned. A gray winter sky loomed overhead. The world was totally and eerily silent.

The Old Man leaned against a piece of rubble, cane in hand. He took a pocket watch out of his
homespun coat and examined it absently when he saw you.

“You are late, Boy. Much work to do. Almost killed, I got you and your friends last time.” “When the Cursed One saw us on the beach?” His accent was still thick, reminding you somewhat of your grandfather on your father’s side of the family. That is if he even was your grandfather. Now that you know somethings about your past. He had a deep old European sound, but not from any of the languages you hear the modern European speak.

“Too dangerous to take your spirit out of body. I not know what I doing. I new at this. Too, how you say . . . stupid to do again. But I had to show . . . show Cursed One to you and your friends so you know what I know. Too dangerous. No more out of body.”

“If he had caught us, for me, probably stay same. For you and your friends, end up like me. Something else probably come and take your body while it empty.” you see the old man shiver at that, drawing his collar up against the winter cold. “Would be bad.”

“We in your head. But from my memory. I am friend, I am guest here. I can show you thing that I know. Is hard to show, but I getting better. Come, I show you.” He pointed with his cane, and walked away through the snow.

- ####Do you follow? YES

As you walk toward the church you notice it had been old and battered even before most of its roof had been blown off by artillery.The stained glass windows had been shattered, and small parts of the walls were charred ash where the church had caught fire. It was obvious that it had been a simple but beautiful structure at one time. You continued toward the building. The stone stairs were cold and slick with ice. The interior of the church was just as damaged. Pews were smashed or knocked over. There was an altar at the far side of the room.

Old Man points to alter. “Is Place of Power. Cursed One brought ancient artifact here. Under this land was place where old kings make sacrifices. Before man, other things use this place. This is last place that Cursed One used to try to destroy time. Time is his enemy. Lucky for us, his learning was not right. He was not ready for such bold move. He failed…. lucky that time.”

Destroy Time?

“He not want to destroy. Cursed One thinks he can control. He has old device. Older than world. When matter was organized to create this world, the artifact was already there. Not meant for this world. It can torture time. Turn it . . . backwards. Make it stop for some. Go for others. Is bad. Very bad. Cursed One is vain, full of pride, nobody can control time. Will destroy world.”

Man asks, “Didn’t the Elf Queen tell you anything about him Boy”

“The Elf Queen said that he is trying to get back his lost love.”

“Yes. That was first reason. Now I think he is so much twisted with evil and hate I not know. I will try to show you. If you understand him, maybe you can stop.” He reached up and put his cold, arthritic hands alongside my face. “I try to show. I not take you out of your body, but I can maybe show you Cursed One’s memories.”

Michael asks him for advice on how to stop or kill the “cursed one.” The man says the cursed one is so twisted with evil and hate that he doesn’t know how to stop him, but he will try to get Michael to better understand the cursed one so that we may figure out how to stop him.

Micheal starts to ask another question.

He took one hand away, and brought it back with a surprising slap. It stung.
“Always with the questions. Respect your elders. Now shush!”

The old Man begins to fade in your view. “The next time I see you Boy I show you much. Stop with the questions we have not much time.”

During the three weeks, many of us found ourselves glued to the TV for news and updates.

Robert comes in to speak to us all for a briefing:

Robert was speaking. He stood in front of the whole group of NZ folks to give his briefing.“Dr. Jonas Turley was considered one of the premier experts on the religion, art and history of the ancient civilizations of this continent. He wrote over twenty books on those subjects, and has done research and been a major part of archaeological digs from Alaska to Argentina. I got to hear him speak once at in Boston. The man knew his stuff.”

“So why did the bad guys go directly to his house and beat him and his wife to death? They tore
apart all of his possessions looking for something, something important. I’ve got an idea as to what.” When we visited the elf queen, god rest William, as he nods down at “boodrow”, the queen Ilrondelia said that this Lord Mashadow had some sort of artifact and that he was going to take it to a Place of Power to use it. Dr. Turley had done a lot of research concerning ancient religious sites. His last book was about that very subject, and the word in the academic community was that his next paper was going to be an exhaustive catalog of sites and what their importance was. My theory is that lord mashadow and other bad guys went to his house for information. He was looking for a particular place, this ‘Place of Power,’ so they can use their artifact.

“What does the Artifact do?” asked Earl.

“This is all I have been able to figure out with information from the MCB and Kaygee. What exactly the artifact does… well ask Micheal he’s the psychic…”

Michael stands up and explains most of his last dream, that the artifact has the potential to twist or bend time and ultimately destroy the world. That it is somehow involved with sacrifice and can trap souls within it. He says that Lord Mashadow has tried to use it before and failed, and that the artifact was older than our world and not meant for human use. He points out that the last place he tried to use it was on a field where kings used to practice sacrifices and it was in Germany.

As we’re talking, Kaygee comes running in saying to change the TV to the action news channel. The
newscaster is speaking right into the camera, looking tired and unusual without makeup on. “This is real, folks. It has not been altered in any way. One of our news crews discovered this this morning when they did not hear anything back from Kent.” You hear noises, artillery… [Insert Kent Brockman Report] We recognize the “dog” as a werewolf, bigger than anything we’ve seen before, and there is a human riding it.

[Insert man riding the werewolf’s dialogue]

News anchor, “I don’t know what to tell you, folks, other than this is real and not fake.”

Sam gets in an argument with Frank about why the national guard doesn’t get any silver from civilians and use that to fight… but this debate gets nowhere.

Robert says there’s a place of power located in Valley Forge, a specific GPS location that has some sort of psychic vacation, with history of weird stuff happening (eerie feelings, things happening to people) there are historical things there as well with Native Americans, etc. There are no more located anywhere near Philly.

The next morning Jay, Seth, and Sam are outside packing when they start hearing roars and heavy
flapping of wings. It is nearby but they cannot see the creature. As Seth crouches down, the car
suddenly lunges forward! Nothing is visible but we can see the impression of something on top of the car. Seth turns to attack the invisible creature. As he shoots it, there is a brief flash of a grey silhouetted creature that vanishes again the next instant. It’s recognizable as the creature in the dream and Jay starts shouting about Gargoyles while managing to land a blow on the invisible creature while Sam attempts to shoot at it.

In the next moment, Seth experiences a searing pain in his abdomen as blood starts oozing out from a grievous, tearing wound suffered from two strikes from the creature. He returns fire while retreating away from the SUV, and Sam manages to shoot the creature from his position and Jay strikes it once more with the cane.

As Ainhoa runs up from the safe house, Jay is attacked, suffering some sort of bite on his shoulder who drops his cane. Seth manages to shoot it again, and John feels something splash onto his torso which burns with a searing pain. Franks and his men come up and open fire on the creature, all landing hits from the entrance of the safe house, splashing Sam with more of its burning blood. Jay is also splashed with more of the blood and collapses, unconscious.

Ainhoa goes forgettable and rushes in to grab Jay’s unconscious body as the “flying stone golem” comes visible atop the SUV. With a few more shots from Seth and Franks, the golem collapses and we begin cleaning up the wounds of those who got splashed with its blood. Samples are taken as well of its blood, and Jay is stabilized.

After spending a brief time healing, we spend the day gathering silver from local jewelry stores and bringing them back to melt into weapons.

The next day we load up with Earl and head to the place of power. Nothing out of the ordinary is
around. It’s the middle of the woods, no evidence of demons or werewolves. Earl does not sense that anything unusual has happened here.

We spend the next day silvering weapons and preparing for something to happen. While working as
the night falls, Franks calls down on the radio that there is movement outside from down the street and surveillance shows a group of eleven whites approaching very quickly.

Positioned from a window on the second story, Seth shoots off the head of one of the coming whites. Franks takes two shots at the whites, as does Jim and Frank’s men, after which three are left standing from the first group. Jay and Sam drive onto the street in the SUV.

Seth takes a few more shots, taking down the last of the first group of whites. …

All the whites are dead at the point that we left off.

Lord MaShadow Dream 2

Lord mashadow monologue speaks to Micheal in his dream..

Micheal… Micheal… My old adversary… I want you to know we come to a time were we see the end of the world coming. I think you would agree that the highest praise is due to those who have fought their way to greatness form obscurity… Who have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps… Clothed themselves in power… Raw power form the old ones… I have proven myself worthy of this… Unlike Alexander or Hitler, I never pretended to be a god, never related visions of my mother… I made no secret of the fact that I was mere flesh and blood… My rivals were the most capable undead in the world… You must know I always respected the freedom of your country… I never attempted to subjugate her for my own personal glory. But now the time has come… The old ones have granted me the power to raise legends of undead like old that your world has never seen. The triad will be made whole again… We will take your country bit by bit… don’t stand in my way… Tell your hunters this will not succeed they will fall subject to me. I killed you once before and I will kill you again and those that stand beside you will be my tools.


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