Ainhoa flash back on the plane ride home

“What do you mean you have to do this?” said I Ainhoa. You’ve been really upset ever since Grimm came to you with his wild idea and these crazy dreams he’s been having.

“Umm,” Grimm says with his gravelly voice. “It’s hard to explain. Urfarah keeps coming to me in my dreams telling me I must become one of them.”

“What does that mean ‘Become one of them’”

“I think he’s talking about the great wolves… the old ones. The ones from the Triad … like the strong ones we are taking in.”

“How’s that suppose to happen? Even if it could, you would lose your mind. You saw what happen to the others. Some of them where just OK, but they were never themselves again. The others…” as you stop to remember the pain it caused the pack. “We had to kill them to keep the agreement we have with the government.”

“I know, but Jay and Michael seem to agree with me when I talked to them about the dreams. Michael seems to know a few things about that. They also reminded me about the serums we got from that pit when we rescued those young ones.”

“No!” Ainhoa screams. “I don’t want you doing this. I don’t care about your dreams. I don’t care what Father Luna is telling you to do. What about me!” She begins to cry. Normally her emotions would not get the best of her, but as of late she hasn’t been able to control them since having Sole. ”What about the baby! I can’t do this alone. I need you to be here for her. To see her grow up. I can’t raise Sole alone!”

“Calm down Ainhoa. It’s going to be ok.”

“No it’s not”. She begins to cry in Grimm’s arms. Knowing full well he’s already made up his mind. She cannot stop him. That is the way with these stupid werewolves. The males always do what they want and get what they want. It’s been different with Grimm, but that is only because he knows she would kick his ass. A thought occurs to her, “What about the government? What if TFV finds out?”

“We won’t tell them.”

“How’s that going to happen. It’s still fucking insane here. They’re here all the time. And what happens if you do lose your mind? What do we do then? How would we hide that from them?”

“Earl and Lily both said we would have to do what we need to do to protect the pack. They even insisted on telling Wolf about it and now the Werewolf Nation knows. I don’t think I have a choice now, Father Luna is telling me to do this.”

Few days later…

Ainhoa finds herself watching as a group of NZ folks and some pack members are looking over Grimm as he is strapped down on a gurney. For her safety and some others, she is watching behind thick reenforced bars. She’s holding Sole in her arms as she is looking over the cell at Grimm. The cell has been specially prepped for this purpose. He looks tense as he looks around at the others and then at Ainhoa. She looks back staring into his eyes as Angela injects him with something to induce a coma. His eyes slowly close as he falls into a very deep sleep. Angela follows that with the werewolf serum. He’s still for quite a while. 10 minutes go by, 15, and then 30 minutes. No change. Angela is there with Earl and some of the other pack members watching over Grimm. Lily is standing by Ainhoa’s side.

Ainhoa watched as one of the taller pack members stepped back from Grimm. He senses something. Sniffs in the air. She watches as he motions to Angela to step back. “I think he’s dieing.” He said with a sad look on his face. Tears started to form on his eyes just when Ainhoa was about to scream ‘No!’ the gurney jumped up with a bang.

Ainhoa glanced back over and there was just this pile of fur strapped down now. Unbelievable the transformation was quick she thought. Grimm’s golden eyes flashed open with fury. The taller pack member roared with the sudden challenge just as claws easily broke through the leather straps like they were paper and lit into him. His guts spilling out, flying all over, he went down, with Grimm on top of him, arms and legs just kicking, blood spraying. There was no roar coming from him just screams of pain for what seemed like forever to Ainhoa as time seemed to slow down as it always does when she’s thrust into combat, but probably was only a couple of seconds, before Grimm sunk his teeth into the pack members throat and went to town.

“Oh, no.” Lily said. As you see Wolf standing beside her pointing a big old .45 right between Grimm’s golden eyes. Everybody knew this might happen and were prepared do what needed to be done. They weren’t suppose to hesitate, just shoot him. That’s what Grimm wanted.

They hesitated. Grimm was squatting on the body, just ripping and eating and tearing. The pack member was sprayed all over just like Sam had stuffed a grenade in him. Blood and snot was just pouring off Grimm’s teeth and dripping all over the pack member’s face. The pack members eyes were open. His neck was gone and blood was all over the ground. Grimm looked right at Ainhoa through the bars, then took a slow step off the body, coming closer. Then he took another step. And another.

Somebody yelled, “Kill him!” But nobody pulled a trigger or stepped in to stop him. Ainhoa thought to herself, ‘they didn’t have the guts to do what needed to be done. Some of them like Peter, had known Grimm for years, met him way back when he was a young Philly detective. Nobody is taking a shot at Grimm.

“Grimm, It’s me. Ainhoa. Sole is here.” Ainhoa shows Sole real quick and moves her away and back protectively from the bars. “Stop! Listen! You stop right there.”

Another step.

“Don’t make them kill you. Listen to me stop-”

Grimm’s eyes were glued to her. He moved so fast… Just as Earl tackled him landing in a ball of arms, legs and fur… roaring from both sides… blood spraying all over… then gunshots. Grimm stood facing Earl began looking around to see who was shooting him, but a big old chunk of meat flew out of his chest, and he went down. Silver bullet. TFV had just showed showed up for the party.

Ainhoa heard hunters all around her now and they were all jabbering now. Her head begins to spin and she felt her legs begin to buckle. She wanted to collapse but held on long enough before Lily was able to save Sole just before she fell. While falling down, Ainhoa managed to say something in a faint whisper, to anyone who could hear her. “Don’t kill Grimm. It ain’t his fault.”


Ainhoa flash back on the plane ride home

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