Black Market

The Black Market – This Market appears at random all over the city. It can never be found in the same place. There will be times that some of these make shift shops will not be there due to either location or someother unknown reason. Peter and Lesley’s contact for finding location of the Market is Ebonee Timothy Reynolds.

Ostap’s Remedies – This is the original Snake Oil salesman. He looks like he’s pushing seventy. Ostap sells all kinds of illegal remedies. One of his orginal items he made, derived from a rare species of snake now nearly extinct, but slightly more common decades ago, was his original best seller. It was extracted from the snake during its molting ritual, and enhanced by a process only by his former partner who is long since dead. It caused the recipient of a full body rub, to control the direction and/or flow of existing heat. He could, for example, keep warm in cold weather by pulling the ambient warmth shed by other human bodies to himself, or make sure that the dim heat from a radiator on the other side of a bathroom reached the shower stall. He could not increase he temperature of the heat at this level, nor create heat where there is none. Duration: Prolonged (one scene). Alas, this species of snake and the oil itself are now nearly non-existent. That hasn’t stopped Ostap however, from trying himself, without the help of the deceased partner, to make the oil again. He’s been trying for the last twenty years, in fact, without success. Regardless, Ostap’s reputation has allowed him to sell a dizzying array of fake oils in the years that followed, all the way up to the present day, to unsuspecting marks and hopeful people. Of course he also sells quite ordinary oils for various mundane uses.

Shaddock’s Den – Not selling anything, Shaddock is a rail of man who sets up a gambling parlor in the middle of the market. Money flows freely as card tables and over tossed dice. Tall, and predatory, Shaddock haunts the tables, keeping a close eye on his employees and the patrons who are winning too much, or who have lost too much. He doesnt like a set-up or a con. Aside from two muscle-bound toughs and half a dozen dealers, Shaddock keeps half a dozen scantily clad women on the payroll to distract clients, leaning their assets on shoulders and whispering in ears when the gambler should watch the cards.

IdentitiesRUs – This small stall is the workshop owned by Harrod Vandegraff. Armed with a latest in the state of the art copy machines and PCs, Harrod has forged numerous identities, indeed passing himself off as the former Governer of Harryville PA, a place that does not exist. He sells fake identites to all, forged documents of license, allowing for possession of restricted weaponry, or even offical looking permits to hold events or work in public areas.
Snuggly Cowboy Jakes – Snuggly Jake sells clothes and apparel for the criminals/thugs/gang bangers. His stalls feature armored vest, specialized boots, gloves, and anything else that would make sense based on the latest criminal fashions of the times. Cowboy Jake is an expert smugler. He doesn’t settle down in any place for too long however, due to his ‘free roaming heart’. Hence these events are a perfect way for him to indulge in his favorite past time of traveling, seeing new places, and selling his wares.

Irongun’s – This man, Fabious Irongun, seems much out of place in here at the market, but he is quite at home. He represents the gangster of the New York where he harasses the wealthy to give to himself. To be a further pain in the side of the policemen and politicians, he spends a week a year selling very rare and very expensive military weapons to anyone who would buy. Many a policemen have been warded away with the line, “No minds pig, it’s only legal guns selling”.

Billacopo’s Watch – Billacopo sells grappling hooks, or claws, as he calls them, as well as motion sensors and video cameras of every shape, size, and sort. Pretty much any type of servailance equiptment you want. Even the military type. He also sells a popular item, known as “drinking vine”. This is a weed, which grows in the southern Mexico. Once the small, starburst-like buds of this plant are snipped, they harded then grounded into powder. What makes it unique is is that it’s a mild poison that slowly causes a sort of drunkenness effect when the individual ingests it. Those who have already drank a considerable amount of alcohol, will blackout in ten to twenty minutes, and cause short term memory loss after consuming it due to the strange chemistry involved between this plant and distilled alcohol, within the bloodstream. In the southern Mexico, where these weeds grow, gangs use them often in their killings.

Bigknee’s Barter Bigknee’s knees are quite ordinary, so no one knows how he got his name. If asked, the grumpy man tells you to mind your own business. Bigknee’s booth looks like an antique shop that exploded. Any and every “Chotchkie” you can think of…he has! Bigknee takes no coin however. Instead he will trade your stuff for his. Or a “knick for a knack”, as he can often be heard squawking. Barter is his game, Bigknees is his name.

Harry’s Secrets – Harry is the most despicable, revolting man one can encounter in their lifetime, despite being a quiet, unassuming man. He prides himself on his physical characteristics, as he is quite quite tall in appearance and can be seen always wearin only black leather suspenders. he can often be seen twisting his pierced nipples. Harry is umored to be a serial rapist, and is could possible be wanted in several city in the US for assaults on unsuspecting women. Harry sells his peculiar wares only at these types of markets, and no where else. Harry sells items for the sexually deviant criminal. What these items might be is left to the imagination of the PCs. In fact, the less that is said about Harry and his items, the better.

Gringo’s Fruits and Vegetables – Actual fruits and veggies, but the illegal kind that could not get past custum. To increase his sales he has know to stuff at random a $100 bill into a random fruit or vegetable. He also sells a rare liquid called “elixir of life” (a Self Healing drink). Allows the individual to heal themselves. Dice Pool : Resolve + Medicine + Iron Stamina. Each success heals one point of bashing or lethal Health damage (the right most wound on the Health chart is healed first). Although people who witness it need some explanation to its miraculous effects so the drink won’t seem improbable; use of medical gear might be enough to convince them.

Blackie’s Black (and Back) – a shop for weapon accessories. Blackie is a rather devious woman, her face marred by a knife-fighting scar. She is a master knife-maker and sword-maker by trade and deals mostly in knives of all kinds. She also sells the oils and items required for the maintenance of metal items. She is most famous for her secret recipe “weapon piercing”, a oil that when applies gives the weapon the ablity to penitrate reinforced/thick clothing. Duration: Prolonged (one scene). When not tending the store, she frequents Shaddocks where the allure of the working girls do little to distract her.

Elbows One-Way Ticket – Elbows Murphey is a slight man, one frequently accussed of being a midget given his skill with intricate devices and his modest height of five feet even. His claim to fame is the small elegant knife (+2) with a harness that is made in such a way to be hidden under a shirt sleeve and used in assassinations. It is a beacon of his pride. His a small and down to earth man who has a very large bone of contention with the politicians and religious leaders.

The Family of Wong
Their store is fairly low key. It is mostly two low tables sitting pillows, a few chairs, and a serving table with some cheese, wine, and a metallic contraption that makes the best tea you have ever tasted. A few members are dressed in fairly bland looking local clothing, and some odd dark glass eyeshades that they tend to wear. They are polite and business like, but do not wish to gain “more power” or “more territory”. They just want their own business concerns and to be left alone. If you have something interesting, profitable, and to their eyes, without risk, they will gladly do business with you.

The Family wandered into the criminal scene a few decades ago. Little is honestly known about them. Given their organization is in full bloom, they came from somewhere else (rumored to be from Bangkok china). They have the ability to move things. This makes them smugglers without peer, both import and export. They are a tight lipped bunch, never talking much to anyone outside of their own organization. However, they tend to be exceptionally polite and seem almost bored by what is going on around them.

While a few gangs took offense by their moving in, most accepted them quickly. Especially since those that were aggressive against them, were never seen again.

The Family of Wong specializes in moving people and things from one place to another, with near unheard of speed and ability. Big loads, small loads, ships or trucks worth of marijuana, it makes no difference. They can make people disappear never to be found again, even with ones with tight security. How they achieve this, no one can say for sure. While they seem to have some odd contraptions and odder items, no one can pin down the truth. All can agree that they are not from around here and that it is fairly profitable to work with The Family.

Black Market

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