Cheat Sheet

Quick reference to prevent us from opening the book all the damn time.

Page References

Where to look for things in the New World of Darkness core book:

  • Summary sheet for common task rolls: NWoD pp38-39
  • Strength score table: NWoD pp47
  • Durability tables and AP tools: NWoD pp135-138
  • Equipment traits and descriptions: NWoD pp140-141
  • Vehicles: NWoD pp141-147
  • Combat summary: NWoD pp154
  • Other combat actions (drawing a weapon, touch attacks): NWoD pp156-157
  • Grappling summary: NWoD pp159
  • Cover: NWoD pp162-164
  • Tactical movement (prone, flanking): NWoD pp164-166
  • Extra combat effects: NWoD pp167-168
  • Incapacitation and dying: NWoD pp173-174
  • Healing: NWoD pp175
  • Dangers (drugs, electrocution, fire): NWoD pp175-181



can spend willpower to add 3 to almost any roll, with GM approval. You
can also spend it to add 2 to Resolve, Stamina, Composure, or Defense
for a round.

Memorizing & Remembering

Roll: Intelligence + Composure

Action: Reflexive

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The information is memorized or remembered incorrectly, to be determined by the Storyteller.

Failure: In one ear and out the other, or your character draws a blank.

Success: The details are at your character’s disposal.

Success: Your character has access to not only what’s important, but to
related information on the topic or details of where and when the facts
were memorized.

Suggested Equipment: Book or television show related to the topic (1), photograph taken at the event (2)

Modifiers: No time pressure (1 to +3), Common name (3), simple (1)

Penalties: Extensive information (-3 to -5), details studied quickly or
distractedly (-1 to -2), unusual or strange facts (-1 to -2), items
observed days, weeks or years ago (-1 to -5)

GM can make roll on PC’s behalf.


(WoD RB 45)

Roll: Wits + Composure (or a relevant Skill in place of Composure)

Action: Reflexive

Roll Results

Failure: Your character notices something strange or out of place, but
it’s not what has actually occurred, or he makes a dangerous assumption
about the event. A picture hanging at an odd angle indicates that
someone has moved it, but your character assumes that a door has been
slammed, shifting the piece of art.

Failure: Your character notices nothing amiss or out of place.

Success: Your character recognizes that something has happened. If he wants to learn more, Investigation rolls are called for.

Success: Your character not only recognizes when something unusual or
quick happens nearby, he sees it all happen and gets a good look. Or he
notices a variety of things that are amiss in his surroundings, just by
entering the room.

Suggested Equipment: Hopped-up on caffeine (1) or amphetamines (2)

Penalties: Dark (-3), obscuring weather (-1 to -3), subtle detail (-1),
obscure detail (-3), distracting circumstances (-1 to -3)

Skill-Based Perception

(WoD RB 46)

of Composure, a relevant skill can be substituted if it is higher rank,
allowing for Wits + Academics to notice if books are arranged by date
of publication instead of alphabetically, or Wits + Survival to notice a
predatory animal’s territorial markings, and so forth. If the skill is
lower rank than Composure, Composure, not the skill, is rolled.

Reacting To Surprise

(WoD RB 46)

Roll: Wits + Composure

Action: Reflexive

Roll Results

Failure: Your character is completely blindsided. The Storyteller may
decree that she cannot act and loses her Defense for the first two turns
of any fight that ensues.

Failure: Your character notices nothing amiss and is caught off guard.

Success: Initiative may be rolled normally and your character can attack or defend herself without hindrance.

Success: Your character spots trouble or simply senses imminent danger -
and can announce it to any companions. None of her companions is caught
off guard (all of their Wits + Composure rolls are considered

Suggested Equipment: Hopped-up on caffeine (1) or amphetamines (2) or methamphetamines (3)

Penalties: Dark (-3), obscuring weather (-1 to -3), distracting
circumstances (-1 to -3), attacker at long range (-3), presumed safe
environment (-1 to -2)

Lifting/Moving Objects

(WoD RB 47)

Dice Pool: Strength (+ Stamina)

Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The item is dropped and/or a level of bashing damage is incurred

Failure: Nothing is added to Strength

Success: One or more is added to Strengrh

Success: Five or more is added to strength and the character looks
really impressive while performing his mighty feat.

Suggested Equipment: Convenient handholds 1, lighting belt (1)

Possible Penalties: Slippery conditions (-1), lack of handholds (-1), “It’s been a long day” (-1)





Lift a chair

40 lbs


Lift a large dog

100 lbs


Lift a public mailbox

250 lbs


Lift a wooden crate

400 lbs


Lift a coffin

650 lbs


Lift a refrigerator

800 lbs


Overturn a small car

900 lbs


Lift a motorcycle

1000 lbs


Overturn a mid-sized car

1200 lbs


Lift a large tree trunk

1500 lbs


Overturn a full-sized car

2000 lbs


Lift a wreaking ball

3000 lbs


Overturn a station wagon

4000 lbs


Overturn a van

5000 lbs


Overturn a truck

6000 lbs

Resisting Poison or Disease

(WoD RB 49)

Dice Pool: Stamina + Resolce

Action: Reflexive (potentially extended)

Roll Results

Failure: The toxin wins over all; your character’s will is shattered.
Penalties or damage imposed by the condition become more severe,
intensifying by one. All accumulated successes are lost and the
Storyteller decides when – or if – your character ever recovers.

Failure: The intruding effect takes or continues to take its course.

In a simple reflexive roll, the condition is resisted. In an extended
roll, some progress is made in resisting the condition, but symptoms
persist until the illness is defeated completely (when required
successes are accumulated).

Exceptional Success: “Rumors of my death are exaggerated.” Your character goes immune or makes rapid progress toward recovery.

Suggested Equipment: Healthy diet (1), antibiotics (2), cutting-edge wonder drugs (3)

Possible Penalties: Injuries (-1 to -3), bad diet (-1), lack of medication (-1 to -3), lack of sleep (-1 to -2)

Holding Breath

Dice Pool: Stamina

Action: Reflexive

A character can hold her breath for a number of turns based on her Stamina dots, as follows:




30 seconds


One minute


Two minutes


Four minutes


Eight minutes


15 minutes


30 minutes


(WoD RB 51)

Dice Pool: Composure + Wits + equipment

Action: Extended (4 successes; one roll represents 30 minutes)

Suggested Equipment: Yoga mat (1), prayer beads (1), meditative music or relaxation tapes (2), meditation room (3)

Penalties: Loud noises (-1), nearby children (-1), uncomfortable
environment (-1), lack of sleep (-1 to -2), lack of food (-1 to -3)



(WoD RB 55)

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Academics + equipment

Action: Extended (3-10 successes; each roll represents 30 minutes of research)

Roll Results

Failure: Your character obtains flawed or inaccurate information that
leads him to draw incorrect conclusions about the subject.

Failure: Your character makes no progress in locating the information he’s after.

Success: Your character makes progress in his search fo information.

Success: Your character is well on his way to discovering the elusive
information he’s after. If the roll provides enough successes to push
the total well above the amount necessary to complete the task (by five
or more), he gains additional information pertinent to his research,
providing greater detail and insight into the subject.

Equipment: Library card (1), Internet connection (1), access to a
university library (2), access to government database (3)

Possible Penalties: Unusual topic (-1), obscure topic (-2), limited library or database (-2)


(WoD RB 57)

Dice Roll: Intelligence + Computer + equipment versus Intelligence + Computer + equipment

Action: Extended and contested (5-10+ successes; each roll represents 30 minutes of programing )

Roll Results

Failure: A dramatic failure on the part of the hacker indicates that
he’s been kicked out of the network and can’t access it again for 24
hours. Worse, if a sysadmin contests the task, make another Intelligence
+ Computer roll to determine if the admin manages to gain the IP
address of the hacker. A dramatic failure on the part of the sysadmin
indicates that the hacker brushes aside his efforts and penetrates the
network automatically

Failure: Your character does not succeed in making any headway in his effort.

Success: Your character makes progress in his effort.

Success: Your character has found a vulnerability he can exploit
against his opponent, giving him a substantial advantage (as reflected
in the number of successes you achieve in one roll).

Equipment: High-performance computer (1 to +3), broad Internet access
1), disk of scripts (2), system passwords (3)

Possible Penalties: Outdated computer systems (-2), slow Internet connection (-3)

Examining A Crime Scene

(WoD RB 59)

Dice Pool: Wits + Investigation + equipment

Action: Extended (3-10+ successes; one roll represents 10 minutes of activity)

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: Your character draws incorrect conclusions from the information she gaters.

Failure: Your character uncovers no useful information.

Success: Your character uncovers useful information, but is that all there is to learn?

Exceptional Success: Tour character gains a wealth of useful information from a few minutes’ careful study.

Equipment: Forensic kit (1), surveillance gear (parabolic mikes,
night-vision goggles, laser mikes) (
1), unrestricted access to the
scene (2), access to government databases (3)

Penalties: Weather obscures scene (-1 to -3) scene has been compromised
by intruders (-1 to -5) lack of forensic equipment (-3)

Solving Enigmas

(WoD RB 60)

Dice Pools: Intelligence + Investigation + equipment

Action: Instant or extended (3-10+ successes; one roll represents one hour of activity)

Roll Results

failure: Tour character arrives at the wrong solution. Storytellers may
want to make enigma rolls on players’ behalf for this reason.

Failure: Tour character does not solve the puzzle or gains no headway toward the answer

Success: Tour character finds a simple answer, or gaters some information or insight toward complete comprehension.

Exceptional Success: Tour character arrives at the answer quickly or makes an enormous intuitive leap.

Equipment: Internet access (1), code deciphering computer programs
3), extensive reference library (2), extensive library (2),
extensive library dedicated to the specific subject matter in question

Possible Penalties: No reference library (-1); distracting
phenomena in area, from noise (-1), to dangers (-4); incomplete clues
(-1 to -5)

Healing Wounds

(WoD RB 61)

Dice Pool: Dexterity or Intelligence + Medicine + equipment

Extended (one success is requited per Health point of damage suffered;
each roll represents one minute of work (first aid) or one hour of woek
(long-term hospital treatment))

Roll Results

Failure: Your character’s efforts make the patient’s condition worse
instead of better. The subject is moved prematurely or incorrectly, or
the wrong medication is administered. The patient loses one Health point
to bashing damage and all your character’s accumulated success are
lost. He must start from scratch if he’s to help the patient. If the
subject is bleeding to death, an extra wound turns from lethal to
aggravated, in addition to that lost fro the minute that’s wasted.

Your character makes no progress in alleviating the patient’s injuries.
If the subject is bleed to death, a wound turns from lethal to
aggravated over the course of the wasted minute.

Success: Your
character makes progress in alleviating the patient’s injuries. Until
you acquire the total number of successes required to stop a patient
from bleeding to death, one more of his wounds turns from lethal to
aggravated per minute.

Exveptional Success: Your character makes significant progress toward alleviating the patient’s injuries.

Equipment: Set of surgeon’s tools (scalpels, retractors, clamps) (1),
field surgical kit (1), military surgical kit (2), access to surgical
facilities (3)

Possible Penalties: Lack of tools (-1 to -4), bad weather (-2), distraction from noise (-1) to imminent danger (-4)


(WoD RB 64)

Dice Pool: Strength + Athletics + equipment

Instant or extended (one success is required per 10 feet of height; in
an extended task each roll represents one minute of climbing)

Roll Results

Failure: Your character has lost his grip or footing and falls. It
could be fatal depending on the height involved. See the rules on
falling, p. 179

Failure: Your character doesn’t make any headway
on his attempted climb. He doesn’t lose altitude, but he doesn’t gain
any, either.

Success: Your character reaches the top of the object
he wishes to climb (if preformed as an instant action), or makes
continued headway to the top (in an extended action).

Success: Your character reaches the top with time and energy to spare.
If successes gained exceed the amount required to climb the object
(whether performed as an instant action or exceeding the total required
for an extended action), your character may attempt another instant
action at the top, such as a flip, at the Storyteller’s discretion.

Suggested Equipment: Nylon rope (1), climbing cleats (1), grappling hook (2), pitons and hammer (3)

Possible Penalties: Lack of tools )-1 to -5), bad weather (-1 to -3), sheer slope (-1), lack of handholds (-3)


(WoD RB 66)

Dice Pool: Strength + Athletics + equipment

Action: Instant

Roll Results

Failure: The task not only fails but your character loses her balance.
Perhaps she trips on a piece of debris or catches a part of her clothing
on a branch or jagged rock. Instead of jumping, she hits the ground and
suffers a bashing wound if it was a vertical jump. See “Falling” p.179,
if it was a horizontal jump.

Failure: Your character
doesn’t achieve any significant distance at all – she jumps too early,
has a false start or lses her nerce. She gains a few inches vertically
or about a foot horizontally, which could also mean a fall.

Duccess: Tour cahracter leaps a nuber of feet based on the success rolled.

Success: Your character leaps an impressive distance. If success gained
exceed the amount required to make the jump, tour character may attempt
another instant action in the air (say, firing a shot) or upon landing
(maybe running up to her Speed), at the Storyteller’s discretion.

Suggested Equipment: Running shoes (1), ramp (1), springboard (2), vaulting pole (3)

Possible Penalties: Slippery conditions (-1), bad weather (-1 to -3), difficult terrain (-1 to -3), strong wind (-2)


damage is bashing, unless tour character lands on a fence spike or
broken glass, or hits the ground to terminal velocity. A person suffers
one bashing wound for every three yards fallen. Terminal velocity is
achieved in a fall of 30 yards or more; damage is lethal at that point.
Once your character reaches terminal velocity, the damage he suffers
remains 10 Health no matter how far he actually falls.

Storyteller may allow armor to be subtracted automatically from damage
taken, assuming it can absorb the kind of damage incurred, and if it
make sense. Generally speaking, no protective clothing helps once
someone reaches terminal velocity.

The Storyteller may allow your
character to try to break his fall by some means, perhaps by grabbing
for awnings or twisting to strike soil rather than concrete. A single
Dexterity + Athletics roll may be called for, with each success gained
diminishing damage taken. There may be a limit to how much damage can be
shaved, though – say, three. Efforts to slow one’s fall are usually
useless zt terminal velocity.

Falling into deep water, snow or a
pile of pillows might diminish damage taken automatically, if the
Storyteller allows it. No such “soft” landing is possible once terminal
velocity is achieved. At that speed, hitting water is like hitting

Foot Chase

(WoD RB 65)

Dice Rolls: Stamina + Athletics + equipment versus Stamina + Athletics + equipment

Action Extended and contested (each roll represents one turn of running)

Prey: Required successes equal Predator’s Speed

Predator: Required successes equal or greater than Prey’s current successes.

every three pints of difference between competitors’’ Speed traits, the
faster one gets a +1 bonus on chase rolls. Remainders are rounded down.

As a rule of thumb, a 10-yard head start is worth one automatic success.

of a participant’s actions must be dedicated to running in a chase. If
someone performs a different action in any turn, such as firing a fun,
his Stamina + Athletics roll for that turn is forfeit. The character
might even perform another action and travel his Speed, But he loses
momentum in the race; he adds no success to his total. Only a character
who possesses a supernatural power or a special Merit might maintain a
chase and be able to perform a separate action in a turn.

Roll Results

Failure: The participant trips, falls or wipes out. He may suffer a
Health point of bashing damage at the Storyteller’s discretion. The race
is over.

Failure: The participant gains no ground in the pursuit.

Success: The participant gains some ground in the chase, whether fleeing or in pursuit.

Exceptional Success: The participant gains a great deal of ground through a mixture of luck and capability.

Suggested Equipment: Athletic shoes (1)

Possible Penalties: Bad weather (-1 to -3), debris (-1 to -3), difficult terrain (-1 to -5)


(WoD RB 67)

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Athletics + equipment

Action: Instant

character can throw a non-aerodynamic object (such as a clay pot or
tire) a distance in yards equal to his Strength + Dexterity + Athletics,
minus the objects Size. The result is considered short range. Medium
range is double that number, and log range is twice medium range.
Aerodynamic objects can be thrown double those distances.

object with a Size that equals or exceeds your character’s Strength
simply can’t be thrown far enough to constitute range, even if it’s an
aerodynamic item.

An target that’s more than double long range away is considered completely out of range and no throw can hit it.

Roll Results

Failure: Your character loses control of the object. If it’s large or
heavy (Size 4 or greater), he loses his grip and drops it, he loses his
grip and drops it, potentially injuring himself in the process. Smaller
objects land wildly off the mark, striking something (or someone)
accidentally or overshooting the target entirely.

Failure: The object misses its mark or simplu does not make it as far as intended.

Success: Your character hits his intended target. In the case of a thrown weapon, each success inflicts one point of damage.

Exceptionnal Success: The object hits the target with great accuracy and/or force.

Suggested Equipment: See the Damage ratings of thrown weapons in the Combat Chapter, p. 150

Possible Penalties: Slippery conditions (-1), stong wind (-2), bad weather (-1 to -3)

Vehicle Pursuit

(WoD RB 69)

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Drive + vehicle Handling versus Dexterity + vehicle Handling

Action: Extended and contested (each roll represents one turn of driving)

Prey: Required success equal Predator’s Acceleration

Predator: Required successes equal or greater than Prey’s current successes

Roll Results

Failure: The driver loses control of his vehicle and crashes, wrecking
the car and possibl injuring occupants, or he attempts a maneuver that
immobilizes his vehicle (say, attempting to drive a short distance on a
sidewalk and blowing out all four tires by running over an ornamental
fence). The pursuit is over.

Failure: The driver gains no ground in the pursuit

Success: The driver gains some ground in the pursuit, whether fleeing or chasing.

Success: The driver gains a great deal of ground through a mixture of
luck and capability. Perhaps the driver down shifts and cuts between two
vehicles at just the right moment, darting down the shoulder of the
road and picking up precious yards.


Mien & Mask

The Mask is quite complete, affecting even film and digital media, and protects the changeling even unto death.

Whether the changeling wants it to or not.

is always a hint of the changeling in the Mask. The Mask may appear a
few inches taller or shorter than the changeling’s mien or add or
subtract 20 pounds or so.

Clothing and equipment are not protected by the Mask, however tokens and similar items have their own mien and Mask.

protected by the Mask can see through it, or ensorcelled, however a
changeling can spend a point of Glamour to view a person or objects
Mask, this view of the illusion last only half a minute.

Affecting the Mask

Mask can be strengthened against other fae. By spending a point of
Glamour as a reflexive action a changeling can prevent other fae from
seeing through his Mask. However his shadow will always give away his
true nature.

The Mask can be disrupted with great effort, the
changeling must spend all of his current Glamour (at least one point) as
a standard action, disrupting the mask bypasses the usual limit on how
much glamour can be spent per turn. To raise the Mask again the
changeling has to regain at least two points of Glamour and spend one of
them as if strengthening the mask. Disrupting the Mask must be a
deliberate action, a changeling that falls to 0 Glamour does not lose
his Mask.

Damage and Healing

Changelings suffer damage in the same manner as mortals. Nothing inherently causes changeling aggravated damage.

Most sources of harm effect changelings the same way they do mortals (except disease, see Longevity).

Changelings also heal from damage just like mortals, however changelings have access to Goblin Fruits in order to heal faster.

Cold Iron

item made from relatively pure iron is unaffected by fae magic, an iron
weapon will by past any fae magic, or fae armor (ie hedgespun).

Handcrafted iron weapons deal aggravated damage to True Fae, but not changelings.

Longevity and Decrepitude



Infirmity Bonus


10 years



20 years



30 years



40 years



50 years



60 years



75 years



90 years



105 years



130 years or more


The infirmity bonus applies to illnesses and the effects of old age


Dream Intensity

Intensity of the dream is determined, when the sleeper first goes to
sleep, by a Wits+Resolve check, the number of successes is equal to the
dream’s Intensity.

Dream Types


The Intensity of a recurring dream gains the 9-again rule for Wits+Resolve


Like recurring dreams, the Intensity of a memory dream gains the 9-again rule for Wits+Resolve

If a dream is both recurring and a memory it gains the 8-again rule for its Intensity

Wish Fulfillment

What it says on the can, no special rules


a changeling enters a prophetic dream he can make a Wits+Occult+Wyrd
with a bonus equal to the dreams Intensity to recognize the dream as a
prophecy. Prophecies from dream are inaccurate at best, however when a
changeling recognizes a prophecy he gets a general sense of how to
prevent or ensure its happening. Modifying a prophetic dream
automatically invalidates it.

A dreamer who has a prophetic dream and then sees the prophecy come true may regain a point of Willpower

A changeling who witnesses a prophetic dream and see it come true may instead regain a point of Glamour


it says on the can, a nightmare with an Intensity greater or equal to
the dreamers Willpower minus the number of derangements the dreamer
possess, wakes the dreamer in a sweat preventing the dreamer from
regaining Willpower.

Entering Dreams

changeling can always enter his own dreams or, by spending a point of
willpower, his fetch’s. Each time the changeling enters his fetches
dreams roll the changelings Presence+Wyrd, this is an extended roll make
each time the changeling enters the fetch’s dreams, when the number of
success equals the fetches willpower the fetch realizes the connection,
and can easily learn to do the same.

To enter the dreams of another a changeling must posses a dreaming pledge with the dreamer

In addition he must spend a point of Glamour and enter a meditative trance from within the Hedge.

Roll: Wits + Composure + Meditative Equipment + Wyrd. Interval: 30 minutes

Target Successes:

8: Personal Dreams

12: Fetch’s Dreams

16: Dream-tasked Dreams

If Disturbed: Resolve + Composure to remain within dream-state. Failure means awakening.

Exiting a dream: Resolve + Composure. Instant action.

Hedgespun Crafting

Must be done within a Hollow or the Hedge.

reagents are made a part of a Hedgespun item by existing in the
proximity to the crafting process. (i.e. If the recipe demands a cry of
pain, then that anguished cry must be within earshot of the changeling
Hedgespinning the item while she crafts it. If she herself must give
something to the item, such as a whispered promise or a lusty gust of
breath, she can do so while her hands work to ease the materials

Cost: See below, under Action.

Dice Pool: Attribute + Crafts + equipment

Extended (successes necessary are equal to three times the token dots
desired; each roll is equal to one hour’s worth of crafting and each
roll requires that one Glamour point be spent or the process must be
temporarily halted until more Glamour can be put into the object).

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure:
While Hedgespinning does not require the same levels of intricate work
as real-world objects, one must still be cautious with the elements that
will go into the token. On a dramatic failure, the character destroys
one of the ingredients necessary for the recipe.

Failure: The items just don’t come together. They refuse to yield to the character’s ministrations.

Success: The elements are sewn, bolted, eased or forced together, and the desired Hedgespun item now sits in the character’s hands.

Exceptional Success:
The magic of Hedgespinning touches her hands and clings to it — other
changelings or Wyrd possessors can see this as perhaps a faint dusting
of glittering rust or a golden, almost liquid sheen. (The Mask protects
it, however, and mortals cannot see such a thing.) The character’s next
Crafts roll is made at a 2 bonus, after which this clinging magic
effect disappears. (The character cannot choose when to expend the
bonus; it happens on her next Crafts roll regardless of what it’s meant
to accomplish.)

Suggested Modifiers:




Recipe demands an intricate design




Character has Clarity 8-10


Each ephemeral or intangible iningredient included in the recipe


Character has Wyrd 6+


Any kind of tool such as a hammer or awl


Has any dots of Contracts of Artifice


Character has Clarity 5 or below

Cheat Sheet

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