Combat Marksmanship

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Prerequisites: Strength • • , Dexterity • • , Composure • • • , Firearms • •

Shoot First (• ): Whenever beginning combat with a firearm in hand, gain a bonus to Initiative Roll equal to Firearms Skill. If character has Quick Draw and draws a firearm in first round of combat bonus is applied retroactively at beginning of second round.

Tactical Reload (• • ): Able to reload a firearm with a detachable magazine or speedloader for revovlers as a reflexive action once per turn.

Double Tap (• • • ): When using a lever-action, pump-action, or semi-automatic firearms, character may make a short burst attacks as if her gun were capable of autofire.

Bayonet Range (• • • • ): Target’s Defense does not apply to firearm attacks character makes within close-combat range.

Rapid Fire (• • • • • ): In a single action, character may make one extra Firearms attack for each point of Composure above 2. Each extra attack is made at a cumulative –1 modifier. Thus, a total of two attacks at Composure 3 (the second of which is at –1), three attacks at Composure 4 (the third of which is at –2) and four at Composure 5 (the fourth of which is at –3). Must declare the targets of all attacks before rolling the first one. Each attack not directed against initial target suffers an additional –1 penalty. All attacks made with this maneuver must be single shots. Drawback: Character cannot use Defense against any attack in the same turn in which this maneuver is used. Use of Defense against attacks that occur earlier in the Initiative roster, before performing this maneuver, blocks use of Rapid Fire this turn. In addition, character may not use this maneuver with bolt-action or break-action firearms.

Fighting Style from Armory pg 210

Combat Marksmanship

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