Experience Point House Rules

Experience (XP) Point Costs
Attribute New Dots x 5 points
Skill New Dots x 3 points
Specialty 3 points
Merit New Dots x 2 points
Morality New Dots x 3 points
  • Note the fifth dot always cost twice the amount
    After a Night/Chapter of playing XP is giving out in the following manor
    - 1 point Automatic. Each player gets one point for participating in a chapter.
    - 1 point Learning Curve. Ask the player what his character learned during the chapter’s events. If you agree with his response, award his character one point.
    - 1 point Roleplaying. The player did a good job of portraying his character, either entertainingly, appropriately, or both. If he veered too far from his character’s concept, he might not deserve this reward, but don’t be stingy here. Indeed, superlative roleplaying might be worth two points.
    - 1 point Chapter Note Taking. Anyone at anytime can volunteer for note taking for the chapter (Night). It cannot be the same person that did it the previous chapter. They need to have it uploaded to the board within 4 days of playing. Priority will be on those who are behind in the xp count. ST is the default note taker if nobody chooses to do it.
    - 1 point Heroism. Characters who rise to the occasion with truly heroic actions or feats of survival and sheer persistence deserve a point. Do not reward characters who act in stupid or suicidal ways just so they can gain the accolades of the hero.
    After the end of a story XP is giving out in the following manor
    1 point Success. The characters achieved all or part of their goals.
    1 point Danger. The characters survived against harsh odds and grave dangers.
    1 point Wisdom. The player, and thus his character, devised a brilliant plan or came up with a spontaneous solution that enabled the group to survive or succeed when it might have failed.

*Note at anytime XP can be awarded to help the story/player group/or ST out in ways that are benificial. For example the creation of cheat sheets and such or generating additional NPCs that work for the LSCS to be used by ST.

When Learning new traits

It takes time and study to learn new things. If a character does not already possess some basic competence in a Skill, he must spend time training in it before any dots can be purchased. The Storyteller decides just what he needs to do to qualify. It might take days of study in a library, or enrolling in a semester-long night course at the local college. It could be a simple matter of days spent in the wilderness, or a week’s worth of repetitive practice. Most Skills can be selftaught
with time and effort, if a character is smart and diligent. Otherwise, a teacher might be required.

Learning a new Merit requires either training or time spent achieving whatever goal is most appropriate to that Merit. A Kung Fu Fighting Style requires training and a teacher, and time spent at a dojo with a sensei and other students. Political Contacts require time spent at City Hall or in whatever smoky backroom local conspiracies are hatched. The Storyteller judges new Merit acquisitions on a case-by-base basis.

Raising Attributes requires periods of self-training, or with the aid of a personal trainer. Strength might require regular visits to a gym, while Wits might need nothing more than a marathon week of playing video games to hone the ability to react to fast-acting stimuli. Again, the Storyteller can determine whether or not extra measures are required before a trait can be raised, but Attributes are less stringent than Skills in requiring specific conditions. As long as some activity can justify increased competence, spending experience points should be allowed.

Experience Point House Rules

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