Jay's love story

Sometime this past year….

Jay Thomson

“Honey, I really want this to work,” says Jill. You and her are sitting in front of Angela (NZ make shift Healer/Counselor). Nobody can understand the horrors that a Hunter goes though like Angela does. She’s see it all.

As you look at Jill’s face. You can’t believe this is the same person you have loved for all these years. HEr face is all sunken in through months of worry and dread. She has deteriorated beyond anything you could have imagine. She has never been the same since she was held as a blood doll for some fatty vampire bitch. You thought things could change. Maybe even learn to live the life they have been given. That maybe this time she would be able to understand you more and accept you for the hunter you have become. But the strain of the events and you being part of it is too much for her.

“I just….,” she stops and pauses… looking deep into your eyes. “I just can’t be a part of this anymore” She says and starts to cry. Angela jumps off the chair to come over to Jill to hug her.

“Honey it’s hard I know. This past 2 years have been rough on you and the children.” Angela says as she pat’s her back. The scene almost seems to comical to you as you watch the small women with those stubby legs move to reach up to your wife.

“I know.” You say as you put your head down into your hands. This has been all too much for her. You feel that her kidnapping was all your fault. That if you had not been so busy with fighting these asshole monsters… these demons from beyond.. and the biggest dick of them all Lord Mashadow and his vampires… and all the research… book after book … practicing this rituals… messing with those damn portals. Christ your head wants to explode… If it wasn;t for any of that your wife would not be where she is at today.

There is something here for you … with NZ… a purpose.. some force has drawn you here to be a part of these things as they happen to you. This has been one crazy ride since you joined LSCS… and now the world has gone through so much change.

“Honey.” Lifting your head from your hands and looking back at her. “I know this is too much for you and the kids. You have to understand I cannot leave. You and the kids mean so much to me, but… "you pause to gather yourself. This is not where you thought you would be. "but there is things going on here that I don’t even understand. I don’t know why but something deep down is telling me that I need to be here.I keep hearing that crazy hillbilly elf queen telling me we are the chosen ones… I think we are here for Michael somehow and in someway I think he needs us. I don’t think he can do this on his own. Shit I think the world needs us.

“I know jay. I believe it too.” She looking back at you crying as you feel your eyes tear up. Angela gets up and moves out from between you too. Jill moves over to kiss you as you kiss her back. She leans over and whispers in your ear. “The children and I will be leaving tomorrow. We will head west where things are still normal and we can live a normal life there.” You begin to think to yourself as she said that… I doubt that anyone will be able to live a normal life anymore.

6 months later.

Lily makes a circle on the ground, at twelve o’clock, one a night and in the center of the circle, there is a bed.

She begins to pray while you and Ginger kneel on the bed naked looking into each other’s eyes. You glance over and see both Grimm and Ainhoa in the crowd. Your thinking to yourself it’s been 4 months since you found out she was pregnant and she’s now starting to show a bump. You wonder if that will be the same for Ginger. Will your children ever get to meet Ginger? Will they like her? Would they be upset if you had more children with another women? Would they understand?… you snap back out of your thought as you focus your eyes back on Ginger.

You hear on Lily prayer…

“Come, spirit so powerful! come, spirit so strong.
From the home of the werewolf, the home of the dead.
Come, Give them the blessing! come, lend them thine power!
Oh spirit of darkness! oh spirit so drear!
Come, mighty phantom! come, great Unknown!
Come from thy dwelling so gloomy and lone.
Come, I beseech thee; depart from thy lair.
And body and soul shall be thine, I declare.
Haste, Haste, Haste, horrid spirit, Haste!
Speed, Speed, Speed, scaring spirit, speed!
Fast, Fast, Fast, fateful spirit, fast!”

“Say the words Jay,” says Ginger softly.

You begin to recite , “I Jay offer to thee, Great spirit of the Unknown, this night my body and soul, to this wolf. I beg, I pray, I implore thee Urfarah, Father Wolf, and Luna, Mother Wolf, to make us one, a werewolf in the night”!

You here Ainhoa say to Grimm, “How come we didn’t say all these things.”

“I hate this shit.” You hear him groan. “I just wanted to get to the good stuff.”

The last thing you see is Ainhoa punching Grimm in the arm as you move to engage Ginger in a lustful battle of who can get on top first. Of course Ginger won…

Moments later the rest of the crowd joins in on the love fest… You too, Jay, are now a part of Lily’s pack.

Jay's love story

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