Seth's Flashback

2 months ago…

Seth McKale

You just woke up with the biggest headache you can imagine… Sometimes they come on so strong you have to turn the lights out and meditate for hours for it to go away… you have to get coffee and find yourself making a pot when your cell phone rang. You look at the screen and see “Mr M & D.” as the caller. Knowing that that is your code name for Mom and Dad. Shit you think. Not now.

You pick up the phone and here your mother talking, “Honey, I haven’t heard from you in a while.”

“I’m sorry mom It’s been a rough few months.”

“What do you mean? Have you been working long hours again?” She starts rapid firing the questions out. “Did the fire station lose somebody? Was that Sam drinking on the job again and cause and accident? You know the last time he did that you couldn’t work for 2 weeks when you and him where investigated.” You rolled your eyes at that last statement. You told her that lie a few months back when she was asking to many questions. It seemed like a good idea at the time. You shake your head.

“No Mom, please nothing like that. I’m just working some long hours trying to get some bills paid off.” Your mother has a way to get right under your skin. She always gets right into everything you’re doing. Her biggest topic with you is when you are going to find some nice girl to settle down with. She has no idea the kind of women you meet. Most of them want to eat your face off.

“Ok, so that means you haven’t got time for anything else then?” She got right to her favorite topic.

“ughhhh,” you say just a little too loud. You think fast, “Mom I have this raging headache and I need to go meditate some.”

“Oh… I’m sorry dear.” You can tell by the sound of her voice she’s not buying it. “I’m just worried about you. You seem to never have time for any fun. That last boss you had. The one that tried to fire you. What was his name… Mr. McShadow?”

“Yeah Mom.” Thinking damn did I really tell here that. Mr. McShadow? I really need to make better lies and stop using some real life names. That shits going to catch up with you trying to keep things straight with your mother.

“Mom, I’m sorry… seriously I really have a bad headache. Trust me I have plenty of fun.” Thinking that there is no job you would rather have then getting paid to kill freaken monsters. This shit is for real, off the hook, insane. Mr. McShadow can kiss your ass… “Can I call you back?”

“Well wait a minute dear, your father wants to talk with you.” You put up you hand and make a signing gesture quietly to yourself.

“Son?” Your father wouldn’t win any contest for father of the year award. If you were a gun nut like yourself well then maybe he would, but he’s not your average father either. He’s a walking time capsule from the cold war error that saw too much action. He always would talk at you then to you.

“Yeah Dad?”

“How’s the job?”

“It’s fine Dad. Is everything alright?”

“Son I need to talk with you.” You begin to think… isn’t that what we are doing right now? “But not like this. I need to talk with you in person and I have something to give you.” You can tell by the tone in his voice he was worried.

“What is it Dad? Can’t you tell me right now?” Just then your head really starts to pound.

“No. I need to be with you when I do.” Now this is getting weird, but your head is really bothering you now.

“Ok Dad. It’s Sunday, I’ll call tomorrow to arrange sometime to see you and Mom next week.

You wake on the plane realizing you never called to arrange that trip to see your folks.

Seth's Flashback

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