War Drums are beating

We go back to the compound after seeing Galen. Dave talks to Kaygee to hook Jay’s kids up with a cell phone when they arrive to visit, three days from this point in the story. We brainstorm what leads we have to pursue. There’s talk about what really happened to Galen, how we saw Carlos’ memories through Galen’s mind, etc.. It’s thought that Galen was perhaps attempting to get into the Church of the Mortal Vessels and was made.

We go to Tabitha’s old shop to try to get information on the demon and find it deserted with a few ruined books scattered about. We spend some time searching and find a few books on demonology as well as Bureka’s journal written in German. We also find an authentic book on wards around the world.

Back at the compound we decide to try to research the Shadow Lord in order to determine whether or not he is even a demon and we find no new information. Aside of looking like Carlos,he is a complete mystery. A day and a half has passed at this point.

We go to speak with Robert next, and tell him about Carlos and ask for some background information. He pulls out a picture of Carlos and confirms that it is indeed what the Shadow Lord looks like. He was hired long ago, and his body was never recovered when his party was under siege several years ago. Asked about his specialty, Robert just says he killed a lot of undead and offers to give us his employment file.

We start brainstorming on Galen’s connection, if any, to the undead. Michael asks about the book he saw in the vision with Galen, and Robert says he has the book. We decide to take a closer look. Seth, Michael, and Ainhoa go to research Carlos while Pierre, Jay, and Keith go to research the book. We find nothing useful.

Pierre, Jay and Keith manage to find the book in the compound’s makeshift library, encased in a locked metal box. Ainhoa picks the lock and Jay gets a chance to inspect the book. The language is unknown at a glance, but presumably demonic.
Two days have passed at this point.

Pierre checks in with Melvin and asks him to help research Carlos on the internet. Four hours later, Melvin calls him back and doesn’t have any more information than what Ainhoa, Seth and Keith found. Michael takes some time to research the brain worm but finds no useful information or references of anything similar.

Little over two days later, Pierre suggests that we check out the swamp in Florida. Michael recalls there was a place of power down in the swamp near where Galen was found. We spend a day or more preparing for a trip to Florida. Jay goes to talk to Myers about bringing some Taskforce Valkyrie men along for the trip. Myers agrees to try to hook us up with some hunters local to Florida. Earl also decides to go so we have a group of thirteen people that we’re bringing from the compound, three of which are werewolves.

Before we leave, Seth goes to talk to his parents. His dad wants to know the truth about what’s going on. Seth admits to being a CIA operative for a while before joining LSCS/Network Zero. His father gives him a heartfelt speech apologizing for his harsh treatment in the past, but admits that he’d had an encounter with supernatural in Vietnam. He said, “I hear the wardrums, and they are beating.” He said he knew that Seth’s job was to protect a godslayer and would have to give his life to do so one day, but his father would say no more about it.

Seth pushes a little further and his father says, So you want to tell why I had to kill 4 people today? I haven’t done something like that in a very long time.

I know I’ve been really hard on you through these years. I am sorry I was always a real jerk to you growing up. I had to do stuff like that you know. I know you thought I was a monster growing up.

Seemed like I was more concerned about you time at the range and your scores then more about how you were actually feeling and such.

You have to know that I had something happen to me in Vietnam that to this day I hoped would not be true…. I hear the war drums. Someday my boy will be chosen as a protector of a god slayer and that’s before it gets really stuff. No father should have to know that it’s your son’s job to die helping to save the world. But for now you have to know I cannot tell you more about this for now.

Calm down, dear, remember you condition.

Stands and begins to pace…

I kept these things from you because I was scared. I was scared for you even before you were born. I didn’t want to believe the promise. It was just too terrible, but in the back of my mind, it was always there, so I tried to get you ready. That was my duty. The dream taught me what I had to do. Preparing you was my calling. That’s why I’ve done what I’ve done. I got so made because I knew I chased you away, and when that happened I swore that I would forget about the damn dream and never talk about it again. You were grown and I’d done my best, so my job was finished.

I’m not ready to tell you everything.

Seth’s father sits and looks deflated…

I’ve had this dream for decades. In to, you have to die saving the world from a terrible thing. But we have time… because what I’ve seen hasn’t happened yet. What you’ve seen so far is nothing. There is still la few more signs left.

He stood up… “Seth son…” hugged Seth for the first time in a long time…
After a brief moment he let go. “Give me time to think, and then we’ll talk. I didn’t know if this time would ever really come. I’ll tell you everything.”

As we finish getting ready to go to Florida, Jay’s kids show up. They hang out at the compound as we head to Florida.

Flying to Florida in a helicopter, early morning, listening to the Doors over the helicopter speakers. Earl speaks up and starts elaborating on some research that he got Melvin to do on the artifact.

There was the fact that it’s very old, been passed around through time, ended up in South America where it ended up in Lord Mashadow’s hands. Earl had some of Bureka’s journal translated to get more information on the artifact. It talked about how it has some abilities and powers it bestows on the one who wields it, but only certain people can tap into them.

The people that can use it only come about once every long while and none have come around in a long time.

The powers can allegedly be used to change the shape of space and time itself.

As we fly into the swamp, we see lots of lights from the distance, as well as lots of tents along the outskirts of the swamp. A few helicopters are parked there as well and as we land we find that Taskforce Valkyrie is already here and there is a large number of personnel stationed here. Of those that are with us, none knew this group was going to be here.
We go to one of the larger tents, looking for someone in charge to talk to. We’re greeted immediately by a lieutenant with the National Guard comes running up. He escorts us into the tent, and we see rows of monitors displaying views of the swamp, as well as Myers and people from the compound in Philly geared up ready to go. One of the monitors displays a fog over a section of the swamp that the cameras and things cannot get into.

As we get ready to go, we find we have thirty TFV men at our disposal. Myers addresses them, saying they are about to go into one of the most dangerous places in the US at the moment. Earl elaborates, saying if we see something about 10 feet tall and scary looking, it’s a windigo, and friendly, and Earl wants to talk to it. The men ask Myers some questions and Myers explains sensors, robots, and tanks are going to be ineffective in the swamp. There are some predator drones in the area but their visibility will be limited.

We enter the swamp…. It smells gnarly, full of deep mud, roots, and other difficult terrain to work through. TFV is fanned out, going under silence, using hand signals, etc.. Jay and Ainhoa are riding Ginger and Grimm and the others are stumbling through but managing alright. We make it a ways in when we hear over the radio, "Delta, Bravo… We uh, have come across some huts.

Should we investigate?"


Earl takes the radio and chimes in, “Delta this is November.”

“Earl, get the hell off our radio.”

“You’re going to send those guys into the huts? I bet there’s green lights in those huts.”

“Uh, Delta this is Bravo, there is green lights in the huts.”

Earl goes off, and Myers and he start arguing and then the radio goes dead after a minute.

“Delta, this is Bravo. What do you want us to do?”

“Mark it on the map and we’ll investigate later.”

“Your funeral,” Earl yells back.

Ainhoa asks Earl what the green lights are and he says “humbled folk, a sort of swamp people. Not really sure if they’re human anymore.”

We continue on and Michael falls into the swamp. Franks goes in after him and sometime later comes up with Michael sputtering. He claims to have felt something grab his leg and pull him under. It felt like vines.

Several hours later, we’re getting tired, slowing down. Earl signals everyone to stop and we come to a hault. He radios in that we’re there. Earl and Grimm approach a mound that rises up in the swamp. Earl sits and looks like he’s meditating and Grimm imitates his movements. After a very short time, the noises in the swamp start to settle and everything goes quiet to an unnatural level.

The temperature drops noticeably to where it is just above freezing. A glow appears on top of the mound and a very tall figure, about ten feet high, appears. It seems to have antlers but the light obscures the rest of its features.

Around the figure, these small chimp like features approach and circle around the mound. After a few minutes the tall figure starts moving away and Earl and Grimm jump up and sprint back to the group. Grimm transforms and swoops up Ainhoa. Earl yells, “It’s a trap!”
TFV starts radioing in for an evac but the radio is dead on the other end. Myers and the group is not responding. Earl says to take cover, to hunker down and make a safe zone. He says someone was here before us and summoned something that was beyond the Wendigo’s power.

The Wendigo was afraid for his people, and Earl told them to leave.

Darkness begins to descend as we hear voices chanting, “Arch angel, dark angel, lend me your light. Arch angel, dark angel [something…]” but we cannot sense where the voices are coming from. Jay senses demons coming from the direction of Bravo and radios in to them but only hears screaming coming back over the radio as well as war horns. We can all hear the commotion and Grimm tenses up and says, “They are not of this world,” which Ainhoa relays.

Combat ensues. The supernaturals are shooting some sort of spine¬like projectiles and appearing seemingly out of nowhere in the swamp. After we kill them all, with minimal trouble, Franks says he wants to move to the extraction point which is several hundred yards away, through the other fighting groups. We begin to approach their groups.


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