Grimm (Joshua Van Dyne)


Intelligence – 3
Wits – 2
Resolve – 3

Physical – Human (Glabro/Crinos/Hispo/Lupus):
Strength – 3 (4/6/5/3)
Dexterity – 3 (3/4/5/5)
Stamina – 3 (4/5/5/4)

Presence – 3
Manipulation – 2
Composure – 3

Investigation – 2
Medicine – 1
Occult – 1
Athletics – 2
Brawl – 3
Larceny – 1
Stealth – 1
Survival – 2
Weaponry – 2
Animal Ken – 2
Intimidation – 3
Streetwise – 1
Subterfuge – 1

Brawling Dodge (1)
Fast Reflexes (2)
Fresh Start (1)
Primal Urge (3)

Health: 8 (9/12/11/8)
Willpower: 6
Essence: 6
Morality: 6
Size: 5 (6/7/6/4)
Speed: 11 (12/15/18/16)
Defense: 2 (All forms)
Initiative Mod: 8 (8/9/10/10)

Can spend 1 dot per turn. Used to shift into any form as a reflexive action. Can spend a point per turn to regenerate 1 lethal damage instead of bashing (which regenerates 1 per turn naturally).

Claw: Strength + Brawl + 1 Lethal
Bite: Strength + Brawl + 2 Lethal

Warning Growl: The werewolf growls, locking his eyes on one person. He channels his nature as an apex predator through that gaze, striking sudden and primal fear in her heart. The werewolf makes a contested Presence + Intimidation + Primal Urge vs. a reflexive roll of the target’s Resolve + Composure. Success means that the target of this Dominion subtracts two dice from all attacks made against the werewolf for the rest of the scene. This power can be used on multiple targets but the werewolf must use it separately against each one.

Death Grip: The powerful jaws of a werewolf in one of his animal forms can deal incredible damage. This Dominion makes her bite attacks even more potent, easily able to tear a foe’s body in two. The werewolf must use this power in Bestial Hybrid, Near-wolf, or Wolf form and must have successfully grappled his opponent when activating this Dominion. The werewolf makes a reflexive Strength + Brawl + Primal Urge roll. If the werewolf attempts to bite the target of her grapple and make the reflexive Death Grip roll, she doubles her dice pool. She also gains six extra dice for rolls to overpower her oponent. This Dominion lasts for as long as the werewolf grapples his foe.

Warrior Ideal: The werewolf focuses on one person among his prey, noting every twitch and involuntary movement, every strange scent and subtle sound. He moves with his opponent, already aware of anything she’s about to do. Though she can try to defend, it’s useless – he is just too strong. The werewolf must activate this Dominion at the beginning of his action with a reflexive Wits + Brawl + Primal Urge roll (subtracting opponent’s Resolve). If successful, the werewolf finds a weakness and exploits it. Reduce the specific opponent’s Defense by the werewolf’s Primal Urge (to a minimum of 1 Defense) until the end of the scene. If the opponent dodges, or has merits that affect Defense, subtract Primal Urge from the TOTAL Defense. The werewolf’s attacks can involve any kind of attack, as long as he’s within close-combat distance.

Terrible Strike: The werewolf is such a prominent force of destruction that he does not need to use claws or fangs to inflict grievous wounds. He can tear flesh and crack bones without ever leaving his human form. A successful reflexive Strength + Brawl + Primal Urge roll allows any bashing that the werewolf deals in close combat is converted to lethal damage for one turn per success rolled.


Grimm (Joshua Van Dyne)

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