All Hell breaks loose!!!

We are under an Undead Seige!

Game session: 3/27/15

The group returns from the concert to a part at the Eastern state Penitentiary (ESP) after the concert. Tomorrow they will be celebrating the graduation of the rookies. They through a big party that night. During the party, Seth takes Michael aside and explains that the man Michael knew as his father wasn’t. While not providing any real proof to Michael that the two share a father, Seth notes that even similarities such as the berserker background aren’t necessarily limited to a single bloodline. With the wisdom that comes from sufficient alcohol, Michael eventually admits that it could be true and that it would explain some behaviors such as the constant tests/experiments by his “father.”

The following morning, Grimm doesn’t awaken. Seth awakens to discover his ring is gone. He enlists Jay to ask Ginger to try and locate it. Ainhoa realizes one of her artifacts is missing later that afternoon (being a bit distracted by Grimm). Michael notices his totem missing that afternoon to complement a raging headache. (DM notes, Michael spilt into two people, Walter will be playing two Michaels for a while) Michael A goes to shower for the graduation while Michael B goes out to hunt for his totem.

Meanwhile, G’nome visits Pierre and informs him that Keith is the mole. Pierre goes to find Seth and enlist him in hunting down Keith. In turn, they look for Ainhoa to help procure evidence that Keith is the mole. They find her with a bunch of werewolves that are attempting a healing ritual on Grimm. After telling Ainhoa about Keith, they head for the control room to see if they can find any information on the stolen equipment while Ainhoa
attends the graduation with Jay and Michael (A) in a bid to get evidence on Keith.

Seth and Pierre find the control room locked and encounter Keith near the door. Pierre pulls his gun on Keith and Seth confiscates the cell phone. Pierre accuses Keith, who refuses to unlock the phone for Seth. Hertzog and Torrez approach and ask what’s going on. Seth tells them Keith’s the mole and attempts to radio Ainhoa and find out that all comms are down throughout the ESP.

Seth manages to kick the control room door in after several attempts and finds the control room spattered with blood and a single body. Before he can take farther stock of the situation, he’s knocked out and Pierre hears Hertzog yell “Torrez! What are you doing?”

Pierre shoots Keith, who then tries to subdue Pierre but misses. They both come under gunfire from the control room. Pierre and Torrez (in the control room) exchange fire, but are cut short by Franks dropping a flashbang in the control room. When senses clear, Franks has Torrez down. In a rare example of Franks/Seth teamwork, Seth kicks Torrez. Hertzog’s brains have been blown out.

Under questioning by Franks, Torrez claims to be an acolyte in the MOV and proclaims that we’re all doomed. Around this time, Seth and Pierre notice several trucks backing up on one of the security screens. Despite this, they see no reaction that indicates anyone else has noticed the trucks. They also realize there was no second body in the control room when Seth entered, in clear violation of protocol. About this time, there’s an explosion and the lights go out.

Meanwhile, the graduation is progressing when the recruit Dawn stands up and shoots Earl. The crowd goes crazy and graduates jump Dawn. When Michael checks on Earl, he finds no blood. The bullets were stopped by Earl’s jacket that is made out of 100% Minotaur hide.

Back in the control room, Seth and Pierre spot commandos going into a trap door outside the prison. While Seth is aware there are tunnels down there, but that’s about it. Questioning Franks reveals that the ward is down there. Franks, Seth, Keith and Archer decide to go to the tunnels while Pierre heads off to find Earl and Jay to enlist their help with the ward. He relays the concern over the ward and lack of guards on the walls to Earl and then goes to find a werewolf to help him track down the traitor who’s stolen the

Earl rallies the recent graduates to man the walls against the assault. Still outside, Michael B follows the flow and joins Earl and the graduates on the wall. Michael A, Ainhoa, and Jay decide to join the team in the tunnels, but Michael and Jay head to the armoury first.

Down in the tunnels, the team is moving blind. Seth scrounges a pair of night vision goggles from a recent corpse. They hear a voice say “Mistress, we’ve retrieved the ward.” Another voice responds, “Excellent. Take it back to the surface and let’s get out of here.. Wait. Where’s Harris? I smell his blood.” The first voice begs, “Please, please, let me transform and eat them.” The second voice responds, “OK, we’ll go up top and you can get them.”

Seth finds a large bank vault that has a large, cold, clean cut hole in it. Inside he can see a speaker’s podium with a depression like something was sitting in it most recently. Around this time, Ainhoa reaches the tunnels. Acting on the overheard conversation, Seth and Archer load silver ammo and Seth loans Keith a silver bowie knife. The team backs into the vault and takes up defensive positions. After hearing weapons fire, the team faces a charging werewolf. Seth and Keith both take damage, but between themselves and a badly injured Franks, they manage to take the werewolf down. They cut through its neck with the silver bowie.

Up on the wall, Michael B watches an elephant come thundering around the corner. The elephant is wearing a cage around its head with razor wire around it and sheet metal trapped about the elephant to form armor. Masses of undead are assaulting the prison and explosions are going off. Walls begin rattling and coming down, allowing undead to pour in. Michael B finds himself under assault by a grey flying creature with a human body, skull for a head, beak wired shut, cage around the head, wings and talons. While he manages to hit it, it manages to hit him as well.

Ainhoa joins them and begins trying to backtrack the werewolf’s progress in an attempt to find where it came from and follow the ward. Eventually, she’s shot from above and Seth returns fire, blowing the shooter’s arm off. Seth, Ainhoa, Archer and Kevin climb the ladder and find themselves outside in the ESP court yard. They spot some commandos ducking into some barracks. Archer lobs a grenade at a bear thing (with no hair, so a bare bear thing) with a cage around its head. The grenade is on target while Franks shoots up at the


Nimkeas Nimkeas

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